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Friday, April 13, 2018

Your Assistance Needed to Stop a 35 Year Old Family Feud!!

And so it was that 35 years ago, my cousin Ben (back left) and I (front right) began the infamous squabble which has lasted until this day. Most things from childhood vanish, but our differences did not. Instead, to this day, we debate, "Who is better? Big Country or Duran Duran?"

On one side, we had Big Country's only album to hit America, which was The Crossing (due mostly to the fact that the Scottish Highlands are a million miles away from America). On the other side, we had Duran Duran's Rio (due mostly to the fact MTV excitedly played any British bands with wild hair - Kajagoogoo, perfect example). Both albums were purchased by Aunt Toot, who also purchased my first tape player and encouraged all 5 of us (pictured above - to include my sister Beth in the middle front and my cousin Michele in the middle back) to sing along to "YMCA," much to my dad's chagrin. My cousin David (front left) would insist on being the Indian. Of course, he would grow up to be "Wild Man!"

Now, we all know that Duran Duran had a longer career (, but based on the best songs of their career "In a Big Country" and "Is There Something I Should Know," it's up to you, the blogging public to decide for yourself. I've included the 2 songs anonymously for your vote.

Big Country (above) vs. Duran Duran (below)


  1. Duran Duran has made some great videos, and i do enjoy their music when Ben has it on. But, as Mom and Aunt i cannot take sides.Where can i get a big country CD? I did like their song! That picture of such cute little kids is the best!We all no that the grown up you,are all still fun, smart, wild, fighters, and beautiful!! Love you Dan Aunt Pat

  2. You're probably best to stick with Youtube. It's hard to believe how long ago all those pictures are. It's like one day we woke up and were old enough to be parents / grandparents of kids that age! Thanks for commenting. Hope all is well in Pittsburgh!