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Friday, April 13, 2018

April 14th Thoughts (Lincoln, the Titanic, Gillian Welch)....

April 14th is the anniversary of Lincoln's death...

It's also the anniversary of the Titanic sinking...

If you've never head Gillian Welch's tribute song "April the 14th Part 1," you should take a listen.

In honor of Lincoln, I thought I would put up a bunch of Lincoln quotes and facts.

In Spoon River Anthology, one of the epitaphs is for Anne Rutledge (Lincoln's first love). I really like this poem by Edgar Lee Masters.

Lincoln's last love (Mary Todd Lincoln) was considered by the Powers that Be to be "not right." One of the reasons for this was her interest and belief in spiritual photography. Another was her depression. Perhaps, she was a "political liability," but considering our modern understanding of depression, she wouldn't have had her sanity put on trial by her son Robert after she witnessed her husband's assassination and her other son William's death from typhoid fever. Let's just say that I'm glad we live in a time where mental health is treated and not stigmatized.

Abe had serious depression and premonitions of his own death.

At one point, Lincoln threw the Mayor of Baltimore in jail for secessionitis. In short, despite Congress saying he violated the Constitution, he did what he had to do in order to win the war. He did this by ignoring their thoughts.

Lincoln lost 5 elections before he won as President, even though he wasn't on the ballot everywhere.

Lincoln would have been forgiving to the South had he lived.

Andrew Johnson, who was impeached for being too lenient to the South after the war, was his Democrat Vice President. Let's just say he should count himself lucky since they almost got the 2/3 vote on him.

James Buchanan, king of the do nothing Presidents, basically stopped trying to do anything in office right before Lincoln took over.

As soon as Abe took office, the South started leaving. South Carolina was first out and last back in.

Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address and the Emancipation Proclamation.

There's no shortage of books on Lincoln. These are all about him (museum in DC near Ford Theater).

My wife and I went to the Ford Theater where he was shot by John Wilkes Booth at a presentation of Our American Cousin.

We've also been to the Peterson House, Mudd House, and Surratt Tavern. The markers on the John Wilkes Booth Escape Trail are hard to find after that (especially since the final 1 is a sign in the middle of a highway).

Lincoln is my 2nd favorite president. Jefferson is the first.

Lincoln supposedly is a ghost in the White House.

Lincoln only wanted the nation back together at the war's beginning. As time went by, he realized he needed to do more. That realization is how history makes us great!

This quote is attributed to Lincoln, though there is no true connection. I still like it.

This last quote is just classic!

Some more facts can be found HERE.

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