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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Experiencing the House of Atreus and the Lion's Gate: Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Nafplio with Ammon Tours

As a late 20-something guy in college, I read my share of literature on my way to being an English teacher. One of the things that I really got into was the Greek mythological tales of Agamemnon and the House of Atreus, which also include Orestes, Electra, Clytemnestra, and Iphigenia, who we should have sacrificed for favorable plane seats to the goddess Artemis

Anyone who can't afford more than standard class knows that they must have upset someone to have been cursed with not so nice plane seats on an 11-hour flight from Athens to Newark. On that note, if you can afford better seats as a lottery winner or all-star baseball player, then you should do that. Otherwise, you'll need to befriend a chiropractor.

But alas, Greek mythology is kind of like an episode of the Jerry Springer Show. If I remember right, we even read something about putting the House of Atreus on the Jerry Springer show while I was in that World Lit college class. Thank you, Mr. Bokert.

By the way, the House of Atreus has its dysfunctional issues, which would rival your family's next get-together by at least 10x.

Think about it. When was the last time your mom hooked up with some guy and got together to kill her husband who took up with some gal after murdering your sister to get home from war safely, an act that enraged your other sister to get your brother to kill ma and step pa? Yep, welcome to the House of Atreus!

Anyway... As an older guy, I am currently taking a class on art history, which also touches on the House of Atreus, but this time its far less sordid. Instead, it's more about architecture as it looks at the 27" thick, nearly 20 ton block of stone that is the Lion's Gate in the ruins at Mycanae. This fortress was attached to Agaememnon, and it features his and his wife Clytemnestra's burial place, which looks like a beehive.

On our trip, it was even protected from hordes of tourists, who had followed us into the archaeological site, by a swarm of bees. Fortunately, nobody got stung and we got great pictures.

Triangular-shaped and once carved into 2 now headless lions, this lintel block was raised and put into place to serve as a jamb to hold similar sized stones in place over 3,000 years ago. And the builders, whoever they are, did it without cranes or the intervention of ancient aliens.


I'm not sure how they did it then, but yeah... they did, and t's a wild sight to behold, whether you're an archaeologist, art historian, tourist, architect, military historian, or ancient aliens enthusiast (or a little bit of everything).

Actually, the whole fortress on the hill is an amazing UNESCO site and sight to behold. It's in really good shape yet, and while you have to be able to ascend a couple hundred foot hill, it's a relatively casual stroll when you get there.

Apparently, in ancient times, when people built this, they were stronger and hauled stones up steep hills for fun. Putting them into place was just extra happy happy joy joy!

And that's what my wife and I took in on a day trip while we were in Greece, 2-3 weeks ago. Our tour guides for the day were Ammon Tours, who had just moved from northern Greece to southern Greece (centralized in Athens now). Not only did we get the tour, we got the private tour, sitting in the back of a sedan, which was driven by Kostos and co-piloted by Antonia.

Oh yeah, and it was the first tour of their new lives!

On that note, they were great people and we heartily recommend their tour.

There's something to be said for the private tour, though for us, this was only because of the fact that on this early April weekday, we were the only people on the trip. If their business takes off as it should, you might not be so lucky.

My wife is the talker, and I'm the observer of the group, so while she held pleasant conversation, I watched our journey to Mycenae through the window as the pleasant sounds of 80s and 90s rock music filled the car (NOTE - we encouraged him to turn the radio up since we're down with those genres, which it seems like a lot of the southern European nations are, as evidenced by sounds we took in from random Italian and Greek travels - Bon Jovi is especially popular).

The drive took about an hour and a half, and it moved through the mountainous areas of Greece and its occasional snow-capped mountains to wind into the valleys of Mycenae via the Corinth Canal to the Aegean Sea.

After it was done, we got a chance to look through the souvenir shops, use the restrooms, and move on to our time at Mycenae.

By the way, restrooms in Greece tend to be normal toilets with seats (unlike a lot of Rome), but not all of them are. There are pit toilets and toilet seat-less affairs as well. Also, unlike in Italy, they weren't pay toilets... at least anywhere we went. Be prepared for all of this (with spare Euros and leg muscles), just in case.

Our second stop was Nafplio, the Argolic Gulf-side town with a cliff-side castle (Palamidi) and a gulf island castle (Bourtzi). It's a small town with shopping, much like a small American college town with a European feel. Bring some cash... lots of souvenirs if that's your thing.

We went to a restaurant (see name below - I don't have a Greek keyboard), which like many other Greek restaurants is A) affordable and B) really good. The pork steak below was 10 Euros ($12). It was about 2 pounds (see hat for size comparison). Everyone enjoyed the food and atmosphere. As the Beatles would sing, "A splendid time is guaranteed for all!"

From here, we left for Epidaurus to speak in ancient stereo for all the world!

When you stand on the disc in the center stage area of the amphitheater in Epidaurus and speak normally, it projects intenseley over 60 rows up and back. Yes, it is that cool. Unfortunately, when I got all my cool singing ideas, it was packed or I would have regaled the crowds with Iron Maiden or Polyphonic Spree, so you're stuck with Shakespeare!

The scenery and history were amazing, both at the locations and along the way. Kostos and Antonia even pulled over, on request, to take pictures of the Greek coast, which really is all that.

I guess you could say this is the reason that in the Harlequin romance novels sold across the U.S., American women swoon at the opportunity to be wooed by a Greek tycoon!

While there, I would say what I enjoyed most was that we weren't doing a tour that was punctuated by 5-minute stops every couple of minutes to discuss history. Instead, we got to question and answer before and after (some places don't let other people's guides in). While some of those guides can be enjoyable (I think of our guide at the Vatican Museum), it's hard in mega-historical, heavily-visited locations. In fact, when we went to Delphi the next day, trying to do it like that ruined the whole enjoyment of the trip (see below).

The same could be said for our stop at Meteora the next day, which I was prepared for, going my own way to observe the beautiful Byzantine chapels without running commentary, catching up when the guide was done rambling. I got way more out of the Heads will Roll Room that way (The Suffering of Martyrs in the Chapel of the Transfiguration of Jesus - you aren't allowed to take pictures there or I would have about 100). 

Mind you, I love history, but there's a time and place when the paths are like they are above.

If you go to Greece, you should really consider a tour with them. It was that good (safe drivers, good cost, very friendly, great value)!

Greece is a beautiful country. Let someone else do the driving and enjoy your time while making some great friends!

Our other pictures are here in multiple albums, color and black and white! Enjoy them.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Parkinson's Day with My Doctor and Health Union

Yesterday was Parkinson’s day for me. Well, every day is Parkinson’s Day, and while this is Parkinson’s Month, an entire month where I get feted, but not given presents, ice cream cake, or ceremonial ear pulls, this was a different kind of Parkinson’s day since it began with going to the doctor’s office for a 10AM 4-month checkup.

My doctor is a good guy. He gets it, and I’ve been seeing him since September 27, 2016, which was the day that got this whole ball of neurological wax going. The point of going is to find out where I am on the UPDRS (Universal Parkinson’s Diagnostic Rating Scale). This allows the doc to adjust medications and other treatments.

At my worst, I was mid-30s (just a Parkie baby, though experienced with enough symptoms to know Parkinson's sucks). At my best, I didn’t have Parkinson’s, which was up until 2011, though it seemed to always be lurking beneath the surface, ready to explode long before the first tremors and urinary changes happened (always feeling the need to go and not having a “strong” stream).

Now, now I have Parkinson's and it's the new normal.

The last time I went to the doctor's office, it was the beginning of winter. I was at a 16. Wednesday, I was at a 20. After the winter, the doctor felt this was good. I had more of a tremor in my right hand than left hand, which was odd since I began on the left (left hand > left foot > through the head > right hand > right foot). Shaking is just what Parkinson’s does. I guess you could say, “I shake; therefore, I am Parkinson's.”

I guess that makes my wife my Princess Leia!

I’ve reached a point where, though I can still use utensils and shave, my hands pretty much shake constantly. I let them. I can stop my tremors by tightening up my arms, but since my arms from fingertips to fingertips, across the shoulder, is in permanent action figure pose of rigidity, I choose to leave my body relaxed while I can.

The biggest happiness for my doctor was being this far into the game without levodopa. Granted, I have a super spider web pattern on my legs (livedo reticularis - that's my catwalk friendly legs) from the Amantadine (a “harmless,” but “U-G-L-Y” side effect of said medication), but I’ll wear that with the pride of a lack of humility (or being too old to care about what people think if it keeps me going).

From there, I drove to Philadelphia to meet the good folks at Health Union, who were interviewing me for a podcast. A few weeks ago, I had been suggested as a candidate, and I immediately jumped at the chance. I had never met them, so I was super jazzed. It was a moment where my words of educating and advocating were going to be given a 30-minute platform to speak to people, so why not?!

Upon arrival, I met Emily Downward (pictured at the top right), who is handling the project of interviewing many of their advocates, who write and speak out on behalf of 22 different conditions. The office is on Chestnut Street (smack dab in the middle of Center City and surrounded by banners of Phillies players), and the area is bustling with traffic, both foot and driven. 

The office, too, is a hive of energy. Multiple floors house computer cubes, offices, and sofa areas, where a youthful staff write and post content, create art, manage a website, and meet to improve said Internet communications and causes. I’m not sure I knew what to think that it was, but let’s just say that running a website is kind of a big deal, and it's definitely staffed for such.

Emily escorted me to a room, and we discussed life with Parkinson’s, which should be out in June. I’ll just leave you in suspense to the details, but I’m excited about it. How can I not be? Emily runs a great interview, and she’s a great editor, so I’m sure she’ll make sense of my rambling flows. I’m sure she’ll take out the huge lost train of thought in the middle of one question, too, but alas… we all have our moments.

For those who aren’t aware, Parkinson’s train of thought takes your normal train of thought and switches it up kind of like shaking the brain and leaving the person in a pause, now and again. That’s why my doctor always asks me about my memory, which is generally pretty good, I think, though in long running trains of dialogue, it can get tripped up sometimes. Essentially, it’s like the London Underground, where there are 17 lines going at once, so it's inevitable something is going to go amiss.

These lines run all over the city. As with London’s underground. I have the Central Line, which is my main focus. I also have the Northern Line, which is my “Squirrel!” line. It can get diverted up or down by just about anything. I’ve got the music line, which is equivalent to the Piccadilly Line. I've got the Heather Line (AKA the Jubilee Line) and the family line. I’ve got 2 lines of random information that I’d like to know at any single time as well, not to mention the movie and literary quotes line and the random Jeopardy style facts line. I have 2 lines of random memories (good and bad) coming in at one time as well. They don’t all run continuously, but they’re there in much the same way as my places I have to go to line. Then, there’s the line of things that I should be noting down. There’s the voice of reason lines which belong to family, work, and society, and finally, there is the Circle Line, which is a centrally located line that runs around my brain and seems to go nowhere good since it’s my impetus to do something stupid line. Generally, I can avoid it by taking another line, but it’s there waiting just in case I choose to use it.

And yes, it does get some travel.

Adding Parkinson’s to the mix means that sometimes, someone is asleep on the train tracks, so we have to go a different way. Other times, we have work crews in progress since things are being done to make a section better. Sometimes, there’s nobody there to open up a necessary track. Finally, sometimes there’s just stuff getting at my brain, which makes it temporarily unavailable due to actions beyond its control. When things happen, as Parkinson's causes them to, the thoughts inside my head turn to confusion, irritation, anxiety, or simply being rerouted through an unlit tunnel. That’s what it feels like when you can’t get back to point C or point A from where you are around point B.
Let’s just say Emily is good at being patient while rerouting the tracks.

After the interview, I got to meet Kate Leonard (pictured left) and talk about Health Union, Parkinson's, writing, and her newborn son. It was great to meet her, too, and see some of the people who  have brought me on to make the PD DOT NET stuff happen.

We have quite a talented team of advocates that you should check out. They come from all different backgrounds. Many are younger, which for the Young / Early Onset PD crowd is an important thing (since we're rarer), though they write for everyone based on their experiences.

That said, I encourage you to check them out.

I know I'm looking forward to going to Connexion to meet up with them in October (21+22) to experience the power of group advocacy!

Thanks for continuing to support my writing. If you like this, please subscribe to my blog or follow me at my Parkinson's Facebook page  Please feel free to share, too.

Have a great weekend!

Top 2000 50+ Years of Alternative Rock Mega-mix 501-1000

For the better part of the last 5 months, I've been putting a 2,000 song mix together for my mp3 player. Adding, subtracting, organizing, and compiling into a flowing work. These are now done (though the last 500 aren't typed out) compiled over 4 playlists (as my mp3 player will only do 999 song lists - who knew?). I've chosen this length for that and since each of the playlists begins with a version of The Pixies' "Where Is My Mind."

In compiling the rules for this, I've decided that an artist can only be in 1% of the songs, though if said artist appears solo instead of with a band or said person is featured on another person's song, that's different. For instance Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five and Ben Folds with Nick Hornby are 3 different entities. 

Yes, there are artists here that won't be alternative / indie / college / punk / new wave / grunge / industrial / hardcore / riot grrl / brit pop / emo / alt. country / whatever variation / genre that truly fits, but I've included those artists, too, since they feel representative here. Beside is Nirvana really alternative when they sold 30 million copies of Nevermind? That said, how could they not be on this list? What about Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, and the Rollins Band?

Some, but not all.

Nevertheless, I have tried to keep bands that would be more metal to a different list, though it's hard to tell with some grunge. For instance, Motley Crue's first CD and a lot of the old Iron Maiden stuff is on independent labels, and they both rock like some of these bands, but their general sound isn't really "this."

For that reason, when it comes to 1960s / 70s music, I have used some glam type groups and cover songs of bands like The Beatles by groups that wouldn't be played on mainstream radio. If it weren't for the weirder Beatles and singers like Donovan, there wouldn't be music to the left of the dial. Thus, I've used this sparingly. 

I am adding new wave songs here since before 1980s music became hip, The Cure were not a radio band. For this reason, early Duran Duran, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Billy Idol type stuff does fit here.

Finally, I also tend not to put 2 songs by the same artist together unless they flow or I've always associated 1 with the other. 

So I'm left with about 640 songs, of which I will be digging them out of folders over the next month or so while compiling them into lists I'll be sharing as I listen to lots of stuff I haven't heard in years. 

Any recommendations for the final lists?

1st 500 Song List (1-500)
3rd 500 Song List (1001-1500)

1.       “Where Is My Mind?” Alice Donut
2.       “Brassneck” Wedding Present
3.       “Location Is Everything” Piebald
4.       “Slot Machine” Superdrag
5.        “Phaser” Superdrag
6.        “Jungle Train” Babes in Toyland
7.       “Bastard in Love” Black Flag
8.       “Electronic Plantation” Jello Biafra and Guantanamo School of Medicine
9.       “Drug Me” Dead Kennedys
10.   “Your Emotions” Dead Kennedys
11.   “The Myth Is Real Let’s Eat” Jello Biafra and Nomeansno
12.   “Fireball” Tumor Circus
13.   “Slaughterama” Gwar
14.   “Morrissey Rides a Cockhorse” Warlock Pinchers
15.   “Making the Bombs” Circle Jerks
16.   “Basket Case” Green Day
17.   “Cheer” The Descendants
18.    “Comfort Eagle” Cake
19.    “Slow Things Down” Soup Dragons
20.   “All Right” Supergrass
21.   “Arms and Danger” The Promise Ring
22.   “Carry Me Down” Henry Rollins and the Hard Ons
23.   “Murder or a Heart Attack” Old 97s
24.   “Singular Girl” Rhett Miller
25.   “Can’t Smile Without You” Sean Beal
26.   “Panic” The Smiths
27.   “The President” Robyn Hitchcock
28.   “Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing” Minutemen
29.   “Against the 70s” Mike Watt and Eddie Vedder
30.   “Times Like These” Foo Fighters
31.   “Barnacles” Ugly Casanova
32.   “I Hate Alternative Rock” Bob Mould
33.   “Dog and Pony Show” Consolidated
34.   “Weightless” Pigface
35.   “Going Out West” Tom Waits
36.   “She’s Long Gone” Black Keys
37.   “Jesus Lived 6 Years Longer Than Kurt Cobain” Bollock Brothers
38.   “Buckingham Rabbit” Silver Jews
39.   “Queen Elvis” Robyn Hitchcock
40.   “Katy Song” Red House Painters
41.   “Song for Zula” Phosphoresent
42.   “The World at Large” Modest Mouse
43.   “Sim Sala Bim” Fleet Foxes
44.   “Busman’s Holiday” Allah La’s
45.   “Loving the Alien” Velvet Revolver
46.   “Jean Could Be Wrong” Compulsion
47.   “Jeane” Smiths
48.   “I Am the Resurrection” The Stone Roses
49.   “Loose Fit” The Happy Mondays
50.   “Everything Is Sorrow” Boo Radleys
51.   “Winchester Chimes” Brenda Kahn
52.   “Man with the Light Bulb Head” Robyn Hitchcock
53.   “Sick of Goodbyes” Cracker
54.   “Explode and Make Up” Sugar
55.   “All Lies” Nomeansno
56.   “Sheela Na Gig” PJ Harvey
57.   “War Pigs” Steven Droz and Cake
58.   “Jesus Freak” Dan Bern
59.   “Message in a Bottle” Leatherface
60.   “Archway Towers” New Model Army
61.   “Rooster” Alice in Chains
62.   “Be Yourself” Audioslave
63.   “Kyle Petty” Soundgarden
64.   “Sober” Tool
65.   “Judith” A Perfect Circlec
66.   “Magnetic Warrior” Archie Bronson
67.   “Ghost of Tom Joad” Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello
68.   “Low Self Esteem” Rollins Band
69.   “People of the Sun” Rage Against the Machine
70.   “Sabotage” Beastie Boys
71.   “American Idiot” Green Day
72.   “Parasites” Ugly Casanova
73.   “In Bloom” Sturgill Simpson
74.   “Drive” Aimee Mann
75.   “These Days” Nico
76.   “I’ll Be Your Mirror” Velvet Underground
77.   “Chopsticks” Liz Phair
78.   “Everybody Loves Me But You” Juliana Hatfield
79.   “I Don’t Want to Get Over You” Mary Lou Lord
80.   “Death of Ferdinand de Saussure” Magnetic Fields
81.   “Dry the Rain” Beta Band
82.   “Broken” Lovelytheband
83.   “Pumped Up Kicks” Foster the People
84.   “Somebody That I Used to Know” Gotye
85.   “Some Nights” Fun
86.   “Miranda” Surfer Blood
87.   “The Distance” Cake
88.   “Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio” The Ramones
89.   “Another State of Mind” Social Distortion
90.   “Yancy Dangerfield’s Delusions” Compulsion
91.   “Nature Boy” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
92.   “Heathen Child” Grinderman
93.   “Prolog” Einsturzende Neubauten
94.   “Feurio” Einsturzende Neubauten
95.   “War Pigs” Alice Donut
96.   “Negative Creep” Nirvana
97.   “Let There Be Rock” Henry Rollins and the Hard Ons
98.   “Forever Time” Black Flag
99.   “Hazing for Success” Tumor Circus
100.                        “Weightless (live)” Pigface
101.                        “Jinx” Tad
102.                        “Zero” Smashing Pumpkins
103.                        “Need” Mudhoney
104.                        “Dying Days” Screaming Trees
105.                        “Catatonic” Babes in Toyland
106.                        “Skin Burns” Magnapop
107.                        “Our Trip” Thermals
108.                        “Every Stitch” Thermals
109.                        “Boilermaker” Jesus Lizard
110.                        “Sister Ray (live)” Velvet Underground
111.                        “Relative Ways” And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
112.                        “Little White God” Leatherface
113.                        “The Day I Tried to Live” Soundgarden
114.                        “Out There” Dinosaur Jr.
115.                        “Across the Sea” Weezer
116.                        “Borrowed Bride” Old 97s
117.                        “You’re Pretty Good Looking for a Girl” White Stripes
118.                        “Girl in the World” Soup Dragons
119.                        “Psychic Hearts” Thurston Moore
120.                        “Put Your Clothes Back On” Undead
121.                        “Circles” Dag Nasty
122.                        “Lights Out” Angry Samoans
123.                        “This Is a Call” Foo Fighters
124.                        “Hey Glad Girls” Guided By Voices
125.                        “I Felt Like a Gringo” Minutemen
126.                        “Get on Down” Meat Puppets
127.                        “Walt Whitman” Trampled by Turtles
128.                        “Patsy Cline” Guthries
129.                        “The Captain” Kasey Chambers
130.                        “When the Roses Bloom Again” Sally Timms
131.                        “Losing Your Mind” Lemonheads
132.                        “Guaranteed” Eddie Vedder
133.                        “Release (live)” Pearl Jam
134.                        “Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns” Mother Love Bone
135.                        “Would” Alice in Chains
136.                        “Tripping on a Hole in a Paper Heart” Stone Temple Pilots
137.                        “Accident Ahead” Compulsion
138.                        “The Power of Lard” Lard
139.                        “Full Metal Jackoff” Jello Biafra and DOA
140.                        “Let’s Lynch the Landlord” Dead Kennedys
141.                        “California Uber Alles” Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
142.                        “Moon over Marin” Les Thus
143.                        “Plastic Jesus” Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon
144.                        “Eric’s Throwpillow” Plainfield
145.                        “Ballad of Jerry Curlan” Angry Samoans
146.                        “Through My Fingers” Pegboy
147.                        “My Youth” Pegboy
148.                        “Egoverride” Bob Mould
149.                        “All This I’ve Done for You” Husker Du
150.                        “Golden Shower of Hits” Circle Jerks
151.                        “Coming Clean” Green Day
152.                        “Sheep Go to Heaven” Cake
153.                        “Ringo Buys a Rifle” Dead Milkmen
154.                        “You Were Right” Badly Drawn Boy
155.                        “The Way We Move” Langhorne Slim
156.                        “S.O.B.” Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats
157.                        “Bitch I Love You” Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears
158.                        “Wagon Wheel” Old Crow Medicine Show
159.                        “Dearly Departed” Shakey Graves
160.                        “My Umbrella” Tripping Daisy
161.                        “It’s the Sun (live on KCRW)” Polyphonic Spree
162.                        “Terrible Love” The National
163.                        “Things that I Will Keep” Guided By Voices
164.                        “Cherry Chapstick” Yo La Tengo
165.                        “Claire de Lune” And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
166.                        “Spit in Your Eye” French Liberals of 48
167.                        “Star Bellied Boy” Bikini Kill
168.                        “Bruise Violet” Babes in Toyland
169.                        “Go Home” Joan Jett and Kathleen Hanna
170.                        “Stepping on Bugs” Huggy Bear
171.                        “Free Mud” Magnapop
172.                        “Bruises” Catfood
173.                        “Scared of Your Shadow” Tamara Paris
174.                        “Rain King” Sonic Youth
175.                        “Pretty Noose” Soundgarden
176.                        “Rocking in the Free World” Neil Young
177.                        “Uncle Frank” Drive By Truckers
178.                        “Gimme Back My Dog” Slobberbone
179.                        “Hey Janeane” Hangdogs
180.                        “Idiot’s Delight” Bottle Rockets
181.                        “Bastards I Used to Know (live)” Whiskeytown
182.                        “Blank Space” Ryan Adams
183.                        “Femme Fatale” Velvet Underground
184.                        “Eyes of Sarah Jane” Jayhawks
185.                        “Rocking Chair” Oasis
186.                        “Hold on Hope” Guided by Voices
187.                        “Jane Says (acoustic)” Jane’s Addiction
188.                        “New Jersey” Red House Painters
189.                        “Moorestown” Sun Kil Moon
190.                        “Paris and Rome” Cranes
191.                        “Don’t Move Back to LA” Okkervil River
192.                        “Wooden Song” Butthole Surfers
193.                        “String Bean Jean” Belle and Sebastian
194.                        “These Girls” Ryan Adams
195.                        “Atomic” Sleeper
196.                        “Rapture” Blondie
197.                        “Nirvana” Juliana Hatfield
198.                        “Rill Rill” Sleigh Bells
199.                        “Pretty Deep” Tonya Donnelly
200.                        “Ms. Wrong” That Dog
201.                        “She’s a Yellow Sun” Brenda Kahn
202.                        “Fear Is Like a Forest” Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile
203.                        “Plants and Rags” PJ Harvey
204.                        “Not Dark Yet” Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer
205.                        “Wide Lovely Eyes” Nick Cave
206.                        “A Little Bit of Everything” Dawes
207.                        “Albuquerque Lullaby” Dan Bern
208.                        “Helplessness Blues” Fleet Foxes
209.                        “It’s a Motherfucker” The Eels
210.                        “Hey There Ms. Lovely” Ryan Adams
211.                        “Designs on You (acoustic)” Rhett Miller
212.                        “Summer Dress” Red House Painters
213.                        “With or Without You” U2
214.                        “Into the Fire” Thirteen Senses
215.                        “Under the Bridge” Red Hot Chili Peppers
216.                        “Something in the Way” Nirvana
217.                        “Safesurfer” Julian Cope
218.                        “Goshen 97” Strand of Oaks
219.                        “Division Street” Harper Simon
220.                        “Circles” Dag Nasty
221.                        “I Will Survive” Cake
222.                        “Mountain Song” Jane’s Addiction
223.                        “Rusty Cage” Soundgarden
224.                        “Time Has Come Today” Angry Samoans
225.                        “Edge of No Control” Meat Beat Manifesto
226.                        “Haus Der Luge Epilog” Einsturzende Neubauten
227.                        “Know Your Enemy” Rage Against the Machine
228.                        “Untidy Suicides” Alice Donut
229.                        “Teresa , Give Me That Knife” Nomeansno
230.                        “Paranoid” Steel Pole Bathtub
231.                        “Monkey Trick” Jesus Lizard
232.                        “You Know You’re Right” Nirvana
233.                        “Slapped Actress” Hold Steady
234.                        “Still in Hollywood” Concrete Blonde
235.                        “Los Angeles” X
236.                        “Another Life (Demo)” Rollins Band
237.                        “New Radio” Bikini KIll
238.                        “Deceptacon” Le Tigre
239.                        “TKO” Le Tigre
240.                        “Her Jazz” Huggy Bear
241.                        “99 Red Balloons” 7 Seconds
242.                        “99 Luftballoons” Nena
243.                        “Pop Goes the World” Men Without Hats
244.                         “Come on Eileen” Badly Drawn Boy
245.                        “I Don’t Sleep, I Drink Coffee Instead” Brenda Kahn
246.                        “San Francisco” Foxygen
247.                        “Suffering Jukebox” Silver Jews
248.                         “Waterfall” Stone Roses
249.                        “Don’t Stop” Stone Roses
250.                         “Kinky Afro” Happy Mondays
251.                        “God’s Cop” Happy Mondays
252.                        “Sorted for E’s and Whizz” Pulp
253.                        “Mother Universe” Soup Dragons
254.                        “Shakermaker (live)” Oasis
255.                        “She Comes in the Fall” Inspiral Carpets
256.                        “Get the Girl Kill the Baddies” Pop Will Eat Itself
257.                        “The New Pollution” Beck
258.                        “When the Fool Becomes a King” Polyphonic Spree
259.                        “Together We’re Heavy” Polyphonic Spree
260.                        “Yr Self Esteem” Mercury Rev
261.                        “Nobody Told Me” Flaming Lips
262.                        “Raspberry Beret” Hindu Love Gods
263.                        “U2” Negativland
264.                        “Texico Bitches” Broken Social Scene
265.                        “Matter of Time” Surfer Blood
266.                        “Estelle” Dan Bern
267.                        “I Am a Full Grown Man (I Will Lay in the Grass)” Phosphorescent
268.                        “I Never Knew You” Avett Brothers
269.                        “Downtime” Blake Babies
270.                        “Living Around” Promise Ring
271.                        “Do It All Over Again” Spiritualized
272.                        “Sonic Bloom” Tripping Daisy
273.                        “Wonderland” Allo Darlin’
274.                        “When the Stars Go Blue (live)” The Corrs and Bono
275.                        “This Old Routine” First Aid Kit
276.                        “Levi Johnson’s Blues” Ben Folds and Nick Hornby
277.                        “You Never Needed Nobody” The Lone Bellow
278.                        “Rock and Roll Singer” Mark Kozolek
279.                        “Graceless” The National
280.                        “Fell in Love with a Girl” White Stripes
281.                        “The Modern Age” The Strokes
282.                        “Catholic Pagans” Surfer Blood
283.                        “Now” Everclear
284.                        “Come Back Home” Pete Yorn
285.                        “Until the End of the World” U2
286.                        “Tiger Woods” Dan Bern
287.                         “The Descent” Bob Mould
288.                        “Amphetamine” Everclear
289.                        “Get Free” The Vines
290.                        “Tick Tick Boom” The Hives
291.                        “Take the Power Back” Rage Against the Machine
292.                        “Civilized” Rollins Band
293.                        “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” Ramones
294.                        “Now” Meat Beat Manifesto
295.                        “When I Died” The Thermals
296.                        “Steelworker” Big Black
297.                        “Arizona Garbage Truck” Steel Pole Bathtub
298.                        “Gladiator” Jesus Lizard
299.                        “Mary” Nomeansno
300.                        “Green Pea Soup” Alice Donut
301.                        “Daria” Cake
302.                        “They Always Come” Dinosaur Jr.
303.                        “Eiffel Tower High” Husker Du
304.                        “Frozen” Surfer Blood
305.                        “Dying For It” Vaselines
306.                        “Son of a Gun” Nirvana
307.                        “Molly’s Lips” Nirvana
308.                        “Lake of Fire” Meat Puppets
309.                        “Stay Positive” Hold Steady
310.                        “Dani California” Red Hot Chili Peppers
311.                        “Not Here for a Haircut” Smudge
312.                        “New American Language” Dan Bern
313.                        “Waiting for the Great Leap Forward” Billy Bragg
314.                        “There She Goes Again” Velvet Underground
315.                        “I Hope It Rains at My Funeral” Ryan Adams
316.                        “New Orleans” Silver Jews
317.                        “Linda Blair Was Born Innocent” Mountain Goats
318.                        “God Loves America” Swans
319.                        “Pancho Villa” Sun Kil Moon
320.                        “Motorcycle Emptiness” Manic Street Preachers
321.                        “24 Frames”  Jason Isbell
322.                        “Road Cases” Drive By Truckers
323.                        “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” Red Hot Chili Peppers
324.                        “Piss Bottle Man” Mike Watt with Evan Dando
325.                        “Bring the Noise” Unholy Trio
326.                        “Bitches Ain’t Shit” Ben Folds
327.                        “I Just Want to Get Along” Breeders
328.                        “Just When You’re Thinking Things Over” Charlatans
329.                        “No Myth (acoustic)” Michael Penn
330.                        “Overkill (acoustic)” Colin Hay
331.                        “Belinda” Ben Folds and Nick Hornby
332.                        “Here Comes a Regular” The Replacements
333.                        “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” Ben Lee
334.                        “Divorce Song” Liz Phair
335.                        “I’m Writing a Novel” Father John Misty
336.                        “Hurricane J” Hold Steady
337.                        “Zoo Station” U2
338.                        “Lithium” Polyphonic  Spree
339.                        “Little Glass Pill” Bob Mould
340.                        “Ghosts” Nomeansno
341.                        “Ghost” Neutral Milk Hotel
342.                        “Ceremony (live)” Joy Division
343.                        “True Faith” New Order
344.                        “Romulus and Venus” Tear Garden
345.                        “Sleeping with Your Devil Mask” Robyn Hitchcock
346.                        “All in My Mind” Love and Rockets
347.                        “High and Dry” Radiohead
348.                        “Continental Shelf” Viet Cong
349.                        “Orchard Fair” Wye Oak
350.                        “No Room to Live” Times New Viking
351.                        “A Little Biblical” Band of Horses”
352.                        “Miss Misery” Elliot Smith
353.                        “Novacaine for the Soul” The Eels
354.                        “Pale Blue Eyes” Velvet Underground
355.                        “Perfect Day” Lou Reed
356.                        “Daisy” Ben Lee
357.                        “In Other Words” Ben Kweller
358.                        “The Old Main Drag” The Pogues
359.                        “Judy and the Dream of Horses” Belle and Sebastian
360.                        “Scare Away the Dark” Passenger
361.                        “Kung Fu” Ash
362.                        “You’re Gonna Miss Me” 13th Floor Elevators
363.                        “Susie Is Fine” My Bloody Valentine
364.                        “Another Bag of Bricks” Flogging Molly
365.                        “Sunday Bloody Sunday” U2
366.                        “Rock the Casbah” The Clash
367.                         “Zombie” Cranberries
368.                        “Price of Paradise” Minutemen
369.                        “Green and Gray” New Model Army
370.                        “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” Breeders
371.                        “Cry Baby Cry (live)” Phish
372.                        “The Ballad of John and Yoko” Teenage Fanclub
373.                        “Get Back” Laibach
374.                        “Working Class Hero” Green Day
375.                        “Helter Skelter” Michael Davis
376.                        “Norweigian Wood” Electric Love Muffin
377.                        “Give Give Give Me More More More” Wonder Stuff
378.                        “There’s No Other Way” Blur
379.                         “Veronica” Sultans of Ping FC
380.                        “Haunted by You” Gene
381.                        “New French Girlfriend” Auteurs
382.                        “To the End” Blur
383.                        “This Is How It Feels” Inspiral Carpets
384.                        “Sexy Sadie”  Paul Weller
385.                        “I Am the Walrus (live)” Oasis
386.                        “Happy” Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
387.                        “An All American National Sport” Carter USM
388.                        “Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft” Wedding Present
389.                        “36 Degrees” Placebo
390.                        “Beautiful Ones” Suede
391.                        “Trash” Suede
392.                        “That’s Entertainment” The Jam
393.                         “Whole Wide World” Wreckless Eric
394.                         “Down All the Days” The Pogues
395.                        “Sworn and Broken” Screaming Trees
396.                        “Interstate Love Song” Stone Temple Pilots
397.                        “Gimme Some Truth” Pearl Jam
398.                        “Come Together” Spiritualized
399.                        “A Day in the Life” The Flaming Lips”
400.                         “Nowhere Man” Low
401.                        “Across the Universe” Fiona Apple
402.                        “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” Oasis
403.                        “Rhett Miller” Girl
404.                        “I Can Hear Music” She and Him
405.                        “I’m Gonna Make It Better” She and Him
406.                        “To Go Home” M Ward
407.                        “Handle with Care” Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
408.                        “Geearedoubleyou” Tripping Daisy”
409.                        “When I Write My Master’s Thesis” John K. Samson
410.                        “Sports Bar” Max Collins
411.                        “Dawn Can’t Decide (single)” Lemonheads
412.                        “The Outdoor Type” Smudge
413.                        “Rudderless” Lemonheads
414.                        “Henrietta” The Fratellis
415.                        “Borrowed Time” Parquet Courts
416.                        “Radio” Nude Beach
417.                        “Open Your Heart” The Men
418.                        “Teenage Riot” Sonic Youth
419.                        “Endless Art” A House
420.                        “I Held Her in My Arms” Violent Femmes
421.                        “Into Your Arms” Lemonheads
422.                        “I Get Ideas” M Ward
423.                        “I’m Always in Love” Wilco
424.                        “Bonzo Goes to Bittburg (My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down)” Ramones
425.                        “Friendly Ghost” Harlem
426.                        “Waving Flags” British Sea Power
427.                        “Demons” The National
428.                        “Happen to Die (Unedited)” Charlatans
429.                         “Ballerina Out of Control” Ocean Blue
430.                         “Crickets in the Rain” Allo Darlin’
431.                        “In Between Days (acoustic)” The Cure
432.                        “Love Vigilantes” New Order
433.                        “Tahitian Moon” Porno for Pyros
434.                        “Freak Scene” Dinosaur Jr.
435.                        “I Let It Go” Thermals
436.                        “I Against I” Bad Brains
437.                        “Wheelchair Epidemic” Jesus Lizard
438.                        “Killing in the Name” Rage Against the Machine
439.                        “Potato Junkie” Therapy
440.                        “Dress” PJ Harvey
441.                        “Limehouse” The Breeders
442.                        “New Rose” The Damned
443.                        “Blank Generation” Richard Hell
444.                        “Gay Human Bones” Harlem
445.                        “You’re No Rock and Roll Fun” Sleater Kinney
446.                        “Havana Affair” The Ramones
447.                        “There She Goes My Beautiful World” Nick Cave
448.                        “Rock and Roll Will Never Die” King Missile
449.                        “Grinding Halt” The Cure
450.                        “Obstacle 2” Interpol
451.                        “Homeboy” Adorable
452.                        “London Calling” The Clash
453.                        “The Wagon” Dinosaur Jr.
454.                        “Skips a Beat” Promise Ring
455.                        “Neptune’s Net” M Ward
456.                        “The White Shirt” Charlatans
457.                        “Younger Yesterday” Polyphonic Spree
458.                        “Miranda” Surfer Blood
459.                        “Jacqueline 1906” Olivia Tremor Control
460.                        “Cancer for the Cure” Eels
461.                        “February 14th” Huggy Bear
462.                        “Pedestrian at Best” Courtney Barnett
463.                        “Untogether” Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile
464.                        “Follow You, Follow Me” Red House Painters
465.                        “Half the Time” The Lemonheads
466.                        “Year of the Cat” The Lemonheads
467.                        “Rollerskate Skinny” Old 97s
468.                        “Bird in a Cage (acoustic)” Rhett Miller and Murray Hammond
469.                        “No Destruction” Foxygen
470.                        “American Music” Violent Femmes
471.                        “Marathon” Tennis
472.                        “Carolyn’s Fingers” Cocteau Twins
473.                        “Roman P.” Psychic TV
474.                        “Godstar” Psychic TV
475.                        “Stacy’s Mom” Fountains of Wayne
476.                        “Carolyn’s Booty” Presidents of the USA
477.                        “Love of the Loveless” The Eels
478.                        “Velocity of Saul at the Time of Conversion” Okkervil River
479.                        “Tower of Song” Nick Cave
480.                        “Box of Spiders” Drive By Truckers
481.                        “Little Black Submarines” The Black Keys
482.                        “That Is All” Slobberbone
483.                        “Oscillation” The Men
484.                        “Master of My Craft” Parquet Courts
485.                        “Romance” Wild Flag
486.                        “Leave You Behind” Sleater Kinney
487.                        “Something to Believe in” The Ramones
488.                        “Re-Do” Modern Baseball
489.                        “Re-Done” Modern Baseball
490.                        “Is This Thing On” Promise Ring
491.                        “Wet Hair” Japandroids
492.                        “Shopper’s Paradise” Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
493.                        “Two Tribes” Frankie Goes to Hollywood
494.                        “Relax” Frankie Goes to Hollywood
495.                        “White Wedding” Billy Idol
496.                        “Never Say Never” Romeo Void
497.                        “Brutal Equation” Consolidated
498.                        “Into the Groovey” Ciccone Youth
499.                        “Death Valley 69” Sonic Youth
500.                        “Sister Ray (live)” Joy Division