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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Top 2000 50+ Years of Alternative Rock Mega-mix 1-500

For the better part of the last 3 months, I've been putting a 2,000 song mix together for my mp3 player. Adding, subtracting, organizing, and compiling into a flowing work. At this point, I'm completely done (though I haven't typed out the last 500 songs). These are divided into 4 playlists (as my mp3 player will only do 999 song lists - who knew?). I've chosen this length for that and since each of the playlists begins with a version of The Pixies' "Where Is My Mind."

In compiling the rules for this, I've decided that an artist can only be in 1% of the songs, though if said artist appears solo instead of with a band or said person is featured on another person's song, that's different. For instance Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five and Ben Folds with Nick Hornby are 3 different entities. 

Yes, there are artists here that won't be alternative / indie / college / punk / new wave / grunge / industrial / hardcore / riot grrl / brit pop / emo / alt. country / whatever variation / genre that truly fits, but I've included those artists, too, since they feel representative here. Beside is Nirvana really alternative when they sold 30 million copies of Nevermind? That said, how could they not be on this list? What about Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, and the Rollins Band?

Some, but not all.

Nevertheless, I have tried to keep bands that would be more metal to a different list, though it's hard to tell with some grunge. For instance, Motley Crue's first CD and a lot of the old Iron Maiden stuff is on independent labels, and they both rock like some of these bands, but their general sound isn't really "this."

For that reason, when it comes to 1960s / 70s music, I have used some glam type groups and cover songs of bands like The Beatles by groups that wouldn't be played on mainstream radio. If it weren't for the weirder Beatles and singers like Donovan, there wouldn't be music to the left of the dial. Thus, I've used this sparingly. 

I am adding new wave songs here since before 1980s music became hip, The Cure were not a radio band. For this reason, early Duran Duran, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Billy Idol type stuff does fit here.

Finally, I also tend not to put 2 songs by the same artist together unless they flow or I've always associated 1 with the other. 

So I'm left with about 640 songs, of which I will be digging them out of folders over the next month or so while compiling them into lists I'll be sharing as I listen to lots of stuff I haven't heard in years. 

Any recommendations for the final lists?

2nd 500 Song List (501-1000)
1.       “Where is My Mind” Maxence Cyrin
2.       “Tonight, Tonight” Smashing Pumpkins
3.       “Gimme Indie Rock” Sebadoh
4.       “Life Goes on” Ramones
5.        “Certain Songs” The Hold Steady
6.       “History Lesson Part 2” Minutemen
7.       “History Lessons” Allo Darlin’
8.       “There Is a Light that Never Goes Out” The Smiths
9.       “Jesusland” by Ben Folds
10.   “Goddess on a Highway” Mercury Rev
11.   “Hanging around the Day (part 1)” Polyphonic Spree
12.   “Hanging around the Day (part 2)” Polyphonic Spree
13.   “666” Foxygen
14.   “Snow Song (part 1) (live)” Neutral Milk Hotel
15.   “Baby I Know What You’re Thinking” Mendoza Line
16.   “Archie Marry Me” Alvvays
17.   “Everybody Gets One for Free” Cracker
18.   “Things Are What You Make of Them” Bishop Allen
19.   “Fall on Me” R.E.M.
20.   “Who Loves the Sun” Teenage Fanclub
21.   “There She Goes” La’s
22.   “The Day We Caught the Train” Ocean Colour Scene
23.   “Kiss Your Lips” Allo Darlin
24.   “Across the Sea” El Scorcho
25.   “Size of a Cow” Wonderstuff
26.   “She’s Electric” Oasis
27.   “Dragging Me Down” Inspiral Carpets
28.   “Sistine Chapel Ceiling” Adorable
29.   “Corduroy” Wedding Present
30.   “Second to Last Will and Testament” Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
31.   “Trust” Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
32.   “Winter Games” Superchunk
33.   “I’m Waiting for My Man (live)” Belle and Sebastian
34.   “Teen Angst” Cracker
35.   “My Way” Sex Pistols
36.   “On the Way” Dinosaur Jr.
37.   “Not for the Season (demo)” Wilco
38.   “The Beers” Front Bottoms
39.   “Mass” Modern Baseball
40.   “Jump into the Fire” Low Cut Connie
41.   “You Were a Party” 763-HERO
42.   “Going out West” The Blacks
43.   “The Night GG Allin Came to Town” Drive by Truckers
44.   “Salvador Sanchez” Sun Kil Moon
45.    “Children of Children” Jason Isbell
46.   “Waltz (XO)” Elliot Smith
47.   “Step Out” Jose Gonzalez
48.   “Far Away” Junip
49.   “I’m Getting Back into Getting Back into You” Silver Jews
50.   “Do You Realize” Flaming Lips
51.   “Such Great Heights” Iron and Wine
52.   “We Will Become Silhouettes” Shins
53.   “LaLa” Polyphonic Spree
54.   “Nothing’s Gonna Happen” Elf Power
55.   “Blasting Through” Circulatory System
56.   “Sign the Dotted Line” Jeff Mangum
57.   “Gigantic” Pixies
58.   “Tomboy” Bettie Serveert
59.   “Piece of Cake” Magnapop
60.   “Hot Dad Calendar” Cayetana
61.   “Half Heart Necklace” Allo Darlin
62.   “The Strongest Man in the World” Deathray Davies
63.   “Flexible Head” Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
64.   “The Wall” Yuck
65.   “Reptile Style” Reigning Sound
66.   “One of These Days” Drive By Truckers
67.   “Kennedy” Wedding Present
68.   “Kid Incinerator” American Princes
69.   “Accidents Will Happen” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
70.   “So Much for the Afterglow” Everclear
71.   “Serve the Servants” Nirvana
72.   “The Money Will Roll Right in (live)” Nirvana and Mudhoney
73.   “Here Comes Sickness” Mudhoney
74.   “Pretty Vacant” Sex Pistols
75.   “Holiday in Cambodia” Dead Kennedys
76.   “Puss” Jesus Lizard
77.   “Remember Today” The Thermals
78.   “Holing Out” Yuck
79.   “Until You Find Out” Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
80.   “No Love” Get Up Kids
81.   “Soul Craft” Bad Brains
82.   “Come Down” Cloud Nothings and Wavves
83.   “Wasted Days” Cloud Nothings
84.   “No Lucifer” British Sea Power
85.   “Today’s Lesson” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
86.   “Ferris Wheels on Fire (live)” Neutral Milk Hotel
87.   “Is There a Ghost” Band of Horses
88.   “Agatha” Pond
89.   “Boeing 737” Low Anthem
90.   “Waiting Room” Fugazi
91.   “Wake Up” Arcade Fire
92.   “Happiness Is All the Rage” The Promise Ring
93.   “Songs about Boats” Chumped
94.   “Cleveland Rocks” Presidents of the USA
95.   “Surfin’ USM” Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
96.   “Don’t Let Me Down Gently” The Wonderstuff
97.   “Movin’ on Up” Primal Scream
98.   “Seventeen” Sponge
99.   “Can’t Even Tell” Soul Asylum
100.                        “Go Your Own Way” Seaweed
101.                        “Time Bomb High School” Reigning Sound
102.                        “Rock and Roll High School” The Ramones
103.                        “South Side” Moby
104.                        “April 8th (live)” Neutral Milk Hotel
105.                        “You to Thank” Ben Folds
106.                        “The State that I am In” Belle and Sebastian
107.                        “Walcott” Vampire Weekend
108.                        “Pittsburgh” Lemonheads
109.                        “Epistemology” M Ward
110.                        “Terrible Vision” Rhett Miller
111.                        “Northern Sky” Nick Drake
112.                        “Pink Moon” Nick Drake
113.                        “Waterloo Sunset” Kinks
114.                        “Little Fluffy Clouds” Orb
115.                        “Capricornia” Allo Darlin
116.                        “All Future and No Past” Baseball Project
117.                        “Ingrid Bergman” Billy Bragg and Wilco
118.                        “The Golden Age (live)” Flaming Lips
119.                        “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” Psychic TV
120.                        “Open All Night” Son Volt
121.                        “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” First Aid Kit
122.                         “Ragged Wood” Fleet Foxes
123.                         “Advice to the Graduate” Silver Jews
124.                        “All the Young Dudes” Mott the Hopple
125.                        “Lazy Line Painter Jane” Belle and Sebastian
126.                        “You and Me Against the World” Space
127.                        “I Love You” Wood Kid featuring Angel Haze
128.                        “In a Blackout” Hamilton Leithauser
129.                        “Heaven” The Walkmen
130.                        “The Golden Age” TV on the Radio
131.                        “Shelter Song” Temples
132.                        “Weirdo” Charlatans
133.                        “Real Love” American Princes
134.                        “Feel Like We Only Go Backward” Tame Impala
135.                        “Crazy in Love” Snow Patrol
136.                        “Just Like Heaven” Dinosaur Jr.
137.                        “You Can’t Hold the Hand of a Rock and Roll Man” Okkervil River
138.                        “Heavy Metal Drummer (live)” Jeff Tweedy
139.                        “Friends / Sigmund the Sea Monster” Tripping Daisy
140.                        “Queen of the World” The Jayhawks
141.                        “V” Golden Smog
142.                        “Gin and Juice” The Gourds
143.                        “Cannibal Holocaust” Foxygen
144.                        “I’d Sell My Soul to God” Passion Fodder
145.                        “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend” Mr. T Experience
146.                        “Rags and Bones” Nomeansno
147.                        “Only the Good Die Young” Alice Donut
148.                        “Blues for Ceausescu” Fatima Mansions
149.                        “Eve of Destruction” The Undead
150.                        “Freed Pig” Sebadoh
151.                        “Natural One” Folk Implosion
152.                        “Here Comes the Night Time” Arcade Fire
153.                        “Flash Light” Front Bottoms
154.                        “Note to Self” Modern Baseball
155.                        “Mower” Superchunk
156.                        “Stay Useless” Cloud Nothings
157.                        “Zip City” Drive By Truckers
158.                        “Radio (live)” Alkaline Trio
159.                        “What Did You Call It That for” Arcwelder
160.                        “Sundazed to the Core” Bettie Serveert
161.                        “Your Love Is a Fine Thing” Reigning Sound
162.                        “Back to Gray” Thermals
163.                        “The Crush” Magnapop
164.                        “The Mary Martin Show” New Pornographers
165.                        “Scott Get the Van I’m Moving” Cayetana
166.                        “Something about Geography” Chumped
167.                        “Atom” British Sea Power
168.                        “Our Love” Rhett Miller
169.                        “Radiation Vibe” Fountains of Wayne
170.                        “Move Away and Shine (in a Dream Version)” Tim Delaughter
171.                        “Opportunity There” Charlatans
172.                        “Porcelain” Moby
173.                        “My Dream Girl Doesn’t Exist (live)” Neutral Milk Hotel
174.                        “Piazza New York Catcher” Belle and Sebastian
175.                         “Like a Prayer” John Wesley Harding
176.                        “Like a Virgin” Teenage Fanclub
177.                        “Hands Down” Dashboard Confessional
178.                        “Madonna of the Wasps” Robyn Hitchcock
179.                        “Blue Eyes” Middle Brother
180.                        “Can You Feel It” Apples in Stereo
181.                        “Flash Delirium” MGMT
182.                         “I Hang Suspended” The Boo Radleys
183.                        “King of the World” Old 97s
184.                        “First Day of My Life” Bright Eyes
185.                        “Phone Sex” Superchunk
186.                        “Landed” Ben Folds
187.                        “The Crane Wife 1+2” The Decemberists
188.                        “The Crane Wife 3” The Decemberists
189.                        “Dead Sea” Lumineers
190.                        “I Know It’s True, But I’m Sorry to Say” Violent Femmes
191.                        “Be Here Now” Mason Jennings
192.                        “Pride of the Yankees” Patterson Hood
193.                        “Atlantis” Donovan
194.                        “5 Years” David Bowie
195.                        “I’m Gonna See You” That Dog
196.                        “Looking Forward to Seeing You” Golden Smog
197.                        “Ghosts Are Good Company” Bishop Allen
198.                        “It’s About Time” The Lemonheads
199.                        “She Don’t Care About Time” The Cateran
200.                        “King Apathy III”  The Barracudas
201.                        “Eight Miles High” Husker Du
202.                        “Eric’s Trip” Sonic Youth
203.                        “It Could Be Sunshine” Love and Rockets
204.                        “Karma Police” Radiohead
205.                        “From the Curve” Superchunk
206.                        “Smile 4 U” Magnapop
207.                        “Talking Straight” Rolling Coastal Blackouts
208.                        “Angela Surf City” Walkmen
209.                        “Beautiful” Clem Snide
210.                        “Palomine” Bettie Serveert
211.                        “Sunshine Smile” Adorable
212.                        “Christine” House of Love
213.                        “Children of the Revolution” T Rex
214.                        “Dollars to Donuts” Mendoza Line
215.                        “For Tomorrow” Blur
216.                        “Ocean” Velvet Underground”
217.                        “Gravitate to Me” The The
218.                        “Marilyn Moore” Sonic Youth
219.                        “Green Eyed Stars” Varnaline
220.                        “Nowhere Fast” Tim Easton
221.                        “I See a Darkness” Bonnie Prince Billie
222.                        “Something More Than Free” Jason Isbell
223.                        “Farewell Transmission” Songs Ohia
224.                        “No Cure for Lonely” Swans
225.                        “Black Sheep Boy 4” Okkervil River
226.                        “Oh Sister” Neutral Milk Hotel
227.                        “Julia Miller” Richard Buckner
228.                        “Blue and Wonder (live)” Ben Gibbard
229.                        “I Will Bury You in Time (live)” Jeff Mangum
230.                        “Less than You Think (live)” Wilco
231.                        “Bob Dylan’s Beard (live)” Jeff Tweedy
232.                        “Palomine (Small)” Bettie Serveert
233.                        “A Damn Good Disguise” Mendoza Line
234.                        “Oxford Comma” Vampire Weekend
235.                        “Star Bodies” New Pornographers
236.                        “Name That Thing” Chumped
237.                        “Sink to the Bottom” Fountains of Wayne
238.                        “How Can You Really” Foxygen
239.                        “Join Our Club” St. Etienne
240.                        “Junk Shop Clothes” The Auteurs
241.                        “Olympian” Gene
242.                        “If I Were With Her Now” Spiritualized
243.                        “Humid Press of Days” Camper Van Beethoven
244.                        “Adrift” The Cranes
245.                        “College Radio” Consolidated
246.                        “Apeman” The Kinks
247.                        “All You Need Is Love (live)” Undead
248.                        “Songs from an American Movie 1” Everclear
249.                        “Wonderful” Everclear
250.                        “Sometime to Return” Soul Asylum
251.                        “Wish I Was Skinny” The Boo Radleys
252.                        “Underwhelmed” Sloan
253.                        “Late Century Dream” Superchunk
254.                        “Mother of a Girl” Violent Femmes
255.                        “Weekenders” Hold Steady
256.                        “Black Hills” Cayetana
257.                        “December Is the Longest Month” Chumped
258.                        “Suck” Wedding Present
259.                        “We’re All in This Alone” Mendoza LIne
260.                        “Time for Heroes” Libertines
261.                        “Chelsea Dagger” Fratellis
262.                        “Song 2” Blur
263.                        “Tired of Sex” Weezer
264.                        “I Just Threw out the Love of My Dreams” That Dog and Weezer
265.                        “He’s Kissing Christian” That Dog
266.                        “Buick City Complex” Old 97s
267.                        “Utopia Parkway” Fountains of Wayne
268.                        “Another Girlfriend” Rhett Miller
269.                        “Oh! You Pretty Things” David Bowie
270.                        “Frank Mills” The Lemonheads
271.                        “Wig in a Box” Polyphonic Spree
272.                        “Time to Pretend” MGMT
273.                        “Epistle to Dippy” Donovan
274.                        “Sometimes I Wish I was a Pretty Girl” Robyn Hitchcock
275.                        “End of a Century” Blur
276.                        “20th Century Boy” T Rex
277.                        “Roadrunner” Modern Lovers
278.                        “Have Love Will Travel” Blood Sausage
279.                        “T Shirt Tucked in” Huggy Bear
280.                        “Outta Me” Bikini Kill
281.                        “Where Eagles Dare” Bratmobile
282.                        “Used to Love Him” L7
283.                        “I’m Not Bitter I Just Want to Kill You” Voodoo Queens
284.                        “Stutter” Elastica
285.                        “Seether” Veruca Salt
286.                        “Supernova” Liz Phair
287.                        “Slowly Slowly” Mangapop
288.                        “The Fast Way” Letters to Cleo
289.                        “Long Island” That Dog
290.                        “Not Too Soon” Throwing Muses
291.                        “Untogether”  Belly
292.                        “In Indiana” Brenda Kahn
293.                        “Red Metal Doors” Mendoza Line
294.                        “Rome”  Dan Bern
295.                        “Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” Leonard Cohen
296.                        “Hallelujah” John Cale
297.                        “Glen Tipton” Sun Kil Moon
298.                        “Sensitive Artist” King Missile
299.                        “Frying Pan” Evan Dando
300.                        “A Kind of Loving” Comet Gain
301.                        “Missing You” Evan Dando and Tom Morgan
302.                        “Keep on Loving You” The Lemonheads
303.                        “Venus Stop the Train (demo)”
304.                        “Been in Rhythm (demo)”
305.                        “Deep Oblivion” David Lowery
306.                        “All Her Favorite Flowers” Camper Van Beethoven
307.                        “Twin Falls” Built to Spill
308.                        “Addicted to Love” Ciccone Youth
309.                        “Genetic” Sonic Youth
310.                        “Flying Around the Sun with Remarkable Speed” Giant Sand
311.                        “Not the Same” Ben Folds
312.                        “Singer Songwriter” Okkervil River
313.                        “Aspect of an Old Maid” Mendoza Line with Will Scheff
314.                        “Weeds or Wildflowers” Parsonfield
315.                        “Grown Ocean” Fleet Foxes
316.                        “All Your Favorite Bands” Dawes
317.                        “Soul Desert” Julian Cope
318.                        “My Drug Buddy” Lemonheads
319.                        “Hard Drive” Evan Dando
320.                        “Until I Die” Ben Kweller
321.                        “In My Life” Ben Lee
322.                        “Sesame Street” Josh Radin
323.                        “Only One” Varnaline
324.                        “Dressed up Like Nebraska” Josh Rouse
325.                        “Somehow You Could Always Tell” Josh Rouse and Kurt Wagner
326.                        “Late” Ben Folds
327.                        “Time (acoustic)” Minutemen
328.                        “Tiny Ugly World” Alice Donut
329.                        “Mayonnaise” Smashing Pumpkins
330.                        “Broken” Everclear
331.                        “Hiding” Modern Baseball
332.                        “Aeroplane Over the Sea” Neutral Milk Hotel
333.                        “When the Red King Comes” Elf Power
334.                        “Love Athena” Olivia Tremor Control
335.                        “April Skies” Jesus and Mary Chain
336.                        “Next of Kin” Alvvays
337.                        “I Wonder Why the Wonder Falls on Me”
338.                        “You’re a Good Man Albert Brown”
339.                        “Pet Cemetery” Ramones
340.                        “Sour Grapes” The Descendants
341.                        “I’m Alive” Circle Jerks
342.                        “Take Me Out” Franz Ferdinand
343.                        “Barely Legal” Strokes
344.                        “Evil” Interpol
345.                        “Mr. Brightside” Killers
346.                        “Street Spirit” Radiohead
347.                        “Black Star” Gillian Welch
348.                        “The Stars Fell Into My Windows” Red Paintings
349.                        “Quiet Little Voices” We Were Promised Jetpacks
350.                        “Theme From Cheers” Titus Andronicus
351.                        “Dammit” Blink 182
352.                        “Fat Lip” Sum 41
353.                        “The Anthem” Good Charlotte
354.                         “Up in Arms” Foo Fighters
355.                        “Nature Anthem” Granddaddy
356.                        “Go Outside” Cults
357.                        “Such Great Heights” The Postal Service
358.                        “A Punk” Vampire Weekend
359.                        “Hang 10” Soup Dragons
360.                        “When You Were Young” The Killers
361.                        “Mr. November”  The National
362.                        “Down in the Valley” The Broken West
363.                        “Here It Goes Again” OK Go
364.                        “Bed-in” Eugenius
365.                        “Meanwhile Rick James” Cake
366.                        “Harper Valley PTA” Syd Straw
367.                        “Planetary” Rainer Marie
368.                        “Lucifer Sam (live)” Jay Farrar
369.                        “No Future” Craig Finn
370.                        “Ex-Girl Collection” The Wrens
371.                        “Idiot Brother” The Auteurs
372.                        “High as a Kite” Kingmaker
373.                        “Champion Angel” The Low Anthem
374.                        “You Can Make Him Like You” Hold Steady
375.                        “No Pussy Blues” Grinderman
376.                        “We Call upon the Author” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
377.                        “Novelty” Joy Division
378.                        “Lucretia My Reflection” Sisters of Mercy
379.                        “Schizophrenia” Sonic Youth
380.                        “Bankrupt on Selling” Modest Mouse
381.                        “Eyes of Mary” Cracker
382.                        “I Go to the Barn Because I Like to Burn” Band of Horses
383.                        “The Man who Sold the World” David Bowie
384.                        “Plateau” Nirvana
385.                        “Lake of Fire” Nirvana
386.                        “Up on the Sun” Meat Puppets
387.                        “Pleasantly Surprised” Soup Dragons
388.                        “Barely Breathing” Hold Steady
389.                        “Vindicated” Dashboard Confessional
390.                        “Cartoon” Soul Asylum
391.                        “High as Monkeys” Boo Radleys
392.                        “Bones of an Idol” New Pornographers
393.                        “Get the Time” Descendants
394.                        “Start Choppin’” Dinosaur Jr.
395.                        “Terrified Eyes” Craig Finn
396.                        “10 Little Girls” Curve
397.                        “The Original” Leftfield
398.                        “Born Slippy” Underworld
399.                        “Setting Sun” Chemical Brothers and Noel Gallagher
400.                        “Black Steel” Tricky
401.                        “Firestarter” Prodigy
402.                        “I Got the Fear Part 1” Meat Beat Manifesto
403.                        “Keep Time” Thermals
404.                        “Glamorous” Jesus Lizard
405.                        “Most People Are DJs” Hold Steady
406.                        “Until It Unwinds” All Them Witches
407.                        “Smith and Jones Forever” Silver Jews
408.                        “Captain Kennedy” Nicki Sudden
409.                        “LA Freeway” I-10 Chronicles
410.                        “By the Time My Head Gets to Phoenix” Peter Bruntnell
411.                        “Accident Waiting to Happen” Billy Bragg
412.                        “Love Will Come Through” Travis
413.                        “Dancing in the Dark” Pete Yorn
414.                        “King of Yesterday” Jude
415.                        “Chicago” Sufjan Stevens
416.                        “Tables and Chairs” Andrew Bird
417.                        “Elephant Gun” Beirut
418.                        “Holocene” Bon Iver
419.                        “Hoppipola” Sigur Ros
420.                        “Blood” The Middle East
421.                        “Every Day Is Like Sunday” Bandanas
422.                        “33” Smashing Pumpkins
423.                        “Every Shining Time You Arrive” Sunny Day Real Estate
424.                        “Victory” Nomeansno
425.                        “Hurricane Weather” Matthew Ryan
426.                        “Superhero” Garrison Star
427.                        “Hotel Yorba” The White Stripes
428.                        “Chemical World” Blur
429.                        “Soldier Girl” Polyphonic Spree
430.                        “Mattress Warehouse” Foxygen
431.                        “Red Dragon Tattoo” Fountains of Wayne
432.                        “Life Is Shit” Dead Milkmen
433.                        “Is This It” The Strokes
434.                        “Outtatheway” The Vines
435.                        “Hate to Say I Told You So” The Hives 
436.                        “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die” Nirvana
437.                        “Good Enough” Mudhoney
438.                        “Raisins” Juliana Hatfield
439.                        “Get Me” Dinosaur Jr.
440.                        “So What Else Is New (live)” J Mascis
441.                        “Severed Lips” Blake Babies
442.                        “Live Forever (live)” Evan Dando
443.                        “Skinny Love (live)” Bon Iver
444.                        “We Are Nowhere and It’s Now” Bright Eyes
445.                        “More News from Nowhere” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
446.                        “Stars Fell on Alabama” Mountain Goats
447.                        “Number 13 Baby” The Pixies
448.                        “Verse Chorus Verse” Nirvana
449.                        “One Evening” Jesus Lizard
450.                        “Nearly Lost You” Screaming Trees
451.                        “The Wild Kindness” Silver Jews
452.                        “Seasons to Leave” Guthries
453.                        “White Winter Hymnal” Fleet Foxes
454.                        “Barlights (demo)” Whiskeytown
455.                        “Avenues” Whiskeytown
456.                        “Tulsa Telephone Book” Calexico
457.                        “When You Wake up Feeling Old” Wilco
458.                        “Quiet Corners and Empty Places” Jayhawks
459.                        “Get Me Away from Here I’m Dying” Bettie Serveert
460.                        “Jennifer Save Me” Golden Smog
461.                        “Hanging Blue Side” Son Volt
462.                        “Blind Hope” Son Volt
463.                        “Cloudless” Cranes
464.                        “2000 Places” Polyphonic Spree
465.                        “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks” The National
466.                        “Pristeen” Julian Cope
467.                        “Into My Arms” Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer
468.                        “Kingdom of Rain” The The and Sinead O’ Connor
469.                        “Haunted” The Pogues and Sinead O’ Connor
470.                        “Sweet Jane” Cowboy Junkies
471.                        “Oh Sweet Nothing” Velvet Underground
472.                        “First Night” Hold Steady
473.                        “NYC” Interpol
474.                        “Run” Spiritualized
475.                        “The Queen Is Dead” The Smiths
476.                        “Reverie” Cranes
477.                        “Christian Sands” Tricky
478.                        “Love Song” The Cure
479.                        “The One I Love” Sufjan Stevens
480.                        “Living Life” The Eels
481.                        “Someone to Die For Belly
482.                        “2 Step” Throwing Muses
483.                        “You and Your Sister” This Mortal Coil
484.                        “Ugly” Juliana Hatfield
485.                        “Hannah and Gabi” The Lemonheads
486.                        “Pretty Roses in Your Hair” The Jayhawks
487.                        “Trusted” Ben Folds
488.                        “Love Will Tear Us Apart” Nouvelle Vague
489.                        “Bizarre Love Triangle” Frente
490.                        “All for Swinging You Around” New Pornographers
491.                        “What Would You Do?” Polyphonic Spree
492.                        “Minneapolis” That Dog
493.                        “On a Plain” Nirvana
494.                        “I Am One” Smashing Pumpkins
495.                        “The Deep South” The Promise Ring
496.                        “Blowing It” Dinosaur Jr.
497.                        “I Live for That Look” Dinosaur Jr.
498.                        “Lashes” Rhett Miller
499.                        “Can You Dig It” Mock Turtles
500.                        “Sunny Afternoon” The Kinks