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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I Wish You a Luckier Alternative Birthday

My wife doesn't have luck with birthdays.

In 2015, she took out her ACL in Icebox Canyon while we were in Vegas. There's no point recounting the story here since you can see the future movie in all of its details at the link above.

This year, the doctors took out her gallbladder the day before her birthday after it flared up again on Sunday night. While they couldn't find any gallstones in the past, and she had been to the doctor several times over the years, they found a 1cm marble this time, and WHAM! The doctor called it, and she went to surgery that afternoon.

Historically, my Gram had her gallbladder removed when it basically became a sack full of marbles.

A little over a decade ago, my dad also had a gall bladder "adventure," where they nicked him and didn't catch it. After he got to recovery, his blood pressure wasn't stable, but they felt he was OK. My mom protested that he wasn't, and he won a several day hospital stay. Mind you, many procedures are either in and out or out the next day. It was a scary memory, one that I remembered as I waited for the news that Heather would come out of surgery OK.

Long story short, she obviously did recover and amidst yet another onion snow in spring, we all breathed a sigh of relief with those memories of the past compounded.

However, that was our Monday night adventure. Fortunately, where it could have been worse, Heather was at home by 9PM to watch the Vanderpump Rules train wreck. Featuring more regular characters than The Walking Dead and more friction that a White House press conference, it's essentially an excuse to pay horrible people to drink, fornicate, gossip, and fight with one another. I guess you could say it's the female version of the WWE without piledrivers, Rock Bottoms, and leaps off the top rope, but it puts a smile on my wife's face, so we sat there with it on, not worried about what might have been, but rather that we were back home.

Since that time, Heather has gotten much better, and while there is still pain from the 3 holes (one of which is just a lengthening of the belly button), there is a feeling of happiness and relief that the worst of it is over, and that the things that were worse than that didn't come.

This makes me happy because I need Pookaford J. Bear around. She's my wife and my best friend, and I was glad that I could be her caregiver through all of this. However, I'd rather think about the good times we're going to spend together instead of the near misses.

Besides, we've spent too much time in the hospital already.

In honor of my wife's 43rd birthday, I am including some memories of our "young and in love" days in the posts.

Up first is an old one, which was my wedding vows.

The next one is our wedding playlist, which was my responsibility.

Next comes our First Date, which is a story for the ages.

Additionally, here is a repeat of our finally realized Second Date.

This is the story of her wedding gift to me - a Roger Maris rookie card.

The next 2 are old posts as well.

Disney Pixar's Up, the Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize," and growing old together.

Love is a Good Thing

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