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Think / Able - and Check out My Parkinson's Facebook Page
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ten Happy Images for Tuesday

1. This week's happy things are brought to you by letter "O," as in OWL, as in baby owls, which are hanging out in a tree about a mile away from where I live. People come from all over to see them, and they camp out across the creek from their tree (see photo below). If you ever come to Amish Country in Lancaster County, you've got a friend here. Give me a holler!

2. My wife's sort of birthday post is HERE. She gets a redo since she had to have her gallbladder yanked out yesterday. This is a story of love and her other unlucky birthday, as well as medical issues.

3. Up next is the awesome story of Little Zen Monkey in video and website. She is just too cool. Her parents are even cooler to encourage this!

4. One of my students recommended this video. It's really good, whether you like Pharrell's music or not.

5. My wife's favorite song is "Happy" by Pharrell. How can you not sing along?

6. U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name" is also a really positive jam with some motivating lyrics.

7. Kid President is another right-on youngen. Read about his life HERE, and listen to his words, which work for kids or adults.

8. Adam Bender's sports journey - with one leg.

9. Another really good song to fill you with happiness... The Blackeyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling."

10. On sportsman... err... sportswomanship... Sara Tucholsky's softball victory.

And so on this eve of World Parkinson's Day, I'll spot you two more videos... Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and Sesame Street perform the Sesame Street theme.

The joy of rolling in the mud with a baby elephant!

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