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Friday, August 24, 2018

47 Times around the Sun: Happy Thoughts from My Life with and without Parkinson's!

It's official! This year is the Jack Morris birthday! That means that on Sunday, I will have taken 47 trips around the sun. So rather than waste time with that which causes me many anxious moments, I focus on my happy day of the year, which is always celebrated in honor of a baseball player who wore the number (in this case, a Hall of Famer who out-dueled John Smoltz in a memorable Game 7 of the 1991 World Series).

Here are 47 happy thoughts for my happy day.

1. Fellow Parkies and Parkinson's Warriors... you rock!

2. The wisdom to know that faith, philosophy, and beliefs / outlook aren't based on the horrific misdeeds of other humans who "claim" to be a part of them (thus making me want to abandon my faith altogether), but rather in knowing that they exist in understanding spiritual / religious ideas as a greater concept by a greater being. That said, people who use their "faith" for the kind of evil I'm referencing have a special Hell awaiting them. Methinks their meeting will be "problematic."

3. The Throne Room on the Standing Stone Trail in Pennsylvania - I'll be there tomorrow.

4. Spruce Knob on the Mid-State Trail. I'll be there on Sunday, sitting in the cat bird's seat / concealed bird watching area.

5. Being in nature is a good thing. Between the trees means letting my worries drift off and my belly melt off!

6. Vistas like Butler Knob (I'll be there Saturday) inspire with such infinite panoramas.

6. Trying to sell my wife on camping at Butler Shelter on the Standing Stone Trail.

7. Where are my friends the bears?

8. Granted, I'd rather see one alive, but my wife might have words about that.

9. Memories of that time I saw the bear cubs scurrying down the Batpole near Priceless Point on the Standing Stone Trail!

10. Sitting fireside this weekend with my wife while we cabin camp at Raystown Lake!

11. Being mellow and reading by the water's edge at Raystown tomorrow.

12. Magic fire colors... fun! fun! fun!

13. The volcanic planet of Mustfar and the days when Star Wars meant something.

14. Feeling like I'm owed a real-life rattlesnake sighting this weekend... from a safe distance

15. Family and love are a good thing!

16. Memories of the Muir Woods in California.

17. Memories of the coolest city in America - New Orleans.

18. Dreaming about going back to New Orleans!

19. Memories of Cancun, Mexico!

20. Dreaming about Rome.

21. Dreaming about seeing the Great Gallery.

22. Watching travel videos of Greece with my wife since she's dreaming about them.

22. Marketing my books for a greater audience!

23. Dreaming about seeing the Faroe Islands.

24. Writing places into my story (like the Faroes) because I want to see them. Yes, it's a poor substitute, but it works for now.

25. This island castle (Loreto) is too cool (and it's in Italy).

26. My nephew Dylan, who is obsessed with gators, snakes, and lizards.

27. Getting to see the Hunchback of Notre Dame this year. And no, it's not about an Indiana college.

28. Blue ube and raspberry ice cream from Fox Meadow's Creamery.

 29. Friends of the family who look out for us (my mom's friend Linda made this prayer shawl for me).

30. Playing with the puppies at the mall.

31. My wife who is all about home repair and refurbishing!

32. Getting a really cool poster made from my book's cover.

33. My attempt at inspiration via bulletin board at work.

34. Inspiration is a good thing.

35. Laughing at mindless comedies is a good thing (Happytime Murders).

36. Music to rock out to (Elf Power - Nothing's Going to Happen)

37. Pearl Jam's live CDs to download.

38. 9 years of marriage and many more to come.

39. First days of school... even if I won't be teaching this year.

40. Free breakfast at work day.

41. A wife who can make anything fit in her car.

42. Libraries for books, CDs, DVDs, and so much else.

43. Michael J. Fox and Foundation for everything you did, do, will do.

44. Health Union's Parkinson's division to post my writing.

45. The fact I don't wear a mustache anymore (that ended soon after this age 20 photo).

46. The fact that, at some point, Beyonce's career and ruining of Jay's music has to come to an end. Seeing as her last good song came out in 2007....

47. Friends like you for reading my writing until the end and who follow me on Facebook, Google, and all else (especially in real life - gracias!)!

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