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Friday, August 31, 2018

Your Labor Day Weekend Challenge!! / McAfee Knob Preparation

What are you doing to live the best life you can? I know I'm not able to flip like this, nor was I ever able to, but the point is that, in America, it's a 3-day weekend starting as soon as work ends. If you're not American, I'm utilizing my executive authority to give you a 3-day Labor Day weekend, too. You can have the 80-90 or so hours after work today to enjoy until you have to go back to work Tuesday.

If he or she questions that, tell them I exerted my Constitutional authority so that you could have the power to live free and pursue happiness.

So with that, what are you going to do with your time?

For me, at some point this weekend when the weather is most opportune (most likely tomorrow), I will be hiking McAfee Knob in Virginia. This site, located on the Appalachian Trail, has been on my bucket list for ages. I've wanted to do it since before I have Parkinson's, and now I'm going to push it out with my favorite hiking partner, my wife Heather. These are not our pictures, but they inspire me to go there and take pictures. I hope mine will inspire you to hike it as well.

In honor of supporting my Parkinson's self on this 8-9 mile hike, I want to encourage you to do 9 things this weekend that are:

1) Fun
2) Out of your comfort zone
3) Something the old you would have done (if you have inherited a disability at some point in your life, like I did)
4) Respectful of other people's talents and lives
5) Outside - even if only in your backyard
6) With someone you love or like a lot
7) Challenging to yourself, but not endangering yourself (unless you like that sort of thing)
8) Potentially able to create a life memory
9) Inspiring other people
10) Social media post worthy (which you should then post and share with the world since we want to celebrate all of your victories, no matter how big, small, or fleeting).

HINT - That can be anything you like doing! It doesn't have to be what I like, but it does have to be what you like!

This is my Parkinson's warrior challenge to you!

I'm not asking you to fund me or a charity. I'm just asking you to push you towards fun and happiness and show the world that we're sick of the pettiness, back and forth, and unhappiness!

We the good people of the world owe it to ourselves!

As for my weekend plans...

Have I done hikes like this... yes. The vertical is about 1,700 feet. That's about 100 more feet than Spruce Knob Pennsylvania and Jack's Mountain Pennsylvania (pictured below), which is my previous biggest vert.

Are we ready for this... yes. We're not out to set speed records. Our goal is to hike it and enjoy it.

Last weekend, we took on the Throne Room on the Standing Stone Trail. This week, I plan to loosen the legs and just get out in more civil temperatures.

Why do I do this... because I can and because I still can.

Are there any obstacles in my way... yes.

With Parkinson's, I have:

1) hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat)
2) the need to carry more water
3) vertical distance
4) hot weather / thunderstorms
5) a cement block for a left foot (dystonia)
6) rattlesnakes (though I can't buy a snake sighting)
7) Parkinson's siesta time
8) rigidity
9) balance (though I have climbing poles)
10 bears (though they're more afraid of me than I am of them)

To the best of my knowledge, there are no sasquatches here.

That said, our goal is to make it count, enjoy the scenery, and push ourselves. If all goes well, we do this Saturday, swim Sunday, and go to a haunted sanitarium in Virginia called St. Albans. On the way back Monday, I'd like to see John McCain's grave in Annapolis.

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