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Think / Able - and Check out My Parkinson's Facebook Page
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Other Best Day of the Summer

As we all know, August 26th is the best day of the summer because I get to indulge other people's need to give gifts with the day I was born (I kid, I kid), but today is a fantastic day.

It's the day the stargazer lilies pop their heads!

You're welcome.

Here are some from years past.

Here are some black and whites.

Here is my favorite spring flower... our former peony tree.

If you need an excuse for flowers, I can't help you. I just can't. Let's face it; flowers brighten the day of anyone with a soul. 'Nuff said.

So whatever you need to do in order to absorb them and save them from the dog days of heat, do it!

Except hostas with alien antennas... chop them back!!

And bid a moment of silence to Bob Marley's hair

While being kind to your furry friends.

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