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Monday, July 9, 2018

2 Years Ago Today... The Beginning of My Published Writing Days / FREE DIGITAL BOOKS!!

One of the things that I encourage all people to do is write. The concept of expressing ourselves in typed form (or written form) is very important. This is really important for everyone, but it is extra important to people with Parkinson's to express themselves in advocacy and experiential form. Today, I feel this as much as any other day, but I also feel it a little bit more since this is the day I put forth the confidence to be a self-published Amazon writer.

In honor of that, today, I am giving the books in my supernatural collection away for free in honor of the fact that it was 2 years ago today that I published Eureka in Flames. That book has been "fixed," and is currently in the process of being updated (it's taking a little longer to go live than I thought, but today,  you can get the KINDLE ONLY versions of the other 2 books for free at Amazon (only) for free!) Unfortunately, Ed McMahon didn't give me a check, so I can't give print ones away (they are on sale), but if you have an interest in reading on your Kindle, I can help you for free there. Also, if you'd like a PDF of the original file, message me, and I'll hook you up (good until July 12th, which is the day that the Amazon promotion finalizes - also the day of the events of Eureka in Flames' final act).

Please consider taking advantage of this so that you can read all of The Rules of the Game and Dead Mouths Books 1+2 (the combination only - no point downloading individual books).

If you are a parent and are wondering if this book is for your kid, please see THIS DESCRIPTION.

Samples, descriptions, and other cool information is HERE.

Note the picture of me (above) was taken in Salunga, Pennsylvania, the place where my persona Dave Robinson leaves to head west to a job in Moab, Utah. While he is my persona and a major part of Dead Mouths, he is not the main part. Time and better sense from the original outline led me to a much better book.

I hope you enjoy them.

Real Life Monsters

On July 9th 2016, I had the world in the palm of my hand. At age 44, I had finally published my first book, a 140-page story entitled Eureka, Nevada. This book was derived from a small chunk of a 600+ page book called Dead Mouths, which I would release in two parts on August 13th 2016 and September 15th 2016.

The book itself was about the Demon Hunters of Dodge County. In the original book, there is one reference to them and this reference talks about

“…the previous Tuesday night on Demon Hunters of Dodge County, a popular ghost hunting show that appeared on one of the many cable channels that trafficked in such forms of entertainment. The episode in question featured a story about a demonic possession in Eureka, Nevada, and it was now front page news as it resulted in several deaths, many injuries, and a huge fire. Most of the facts were sketchy at best, and a major investigation was going on involving guilt and motives to the arson and manslaughter evidence that the police were analyzing.”

The first book sold well at first. I had over sixty sales in a little over a week, so I felt on top of the world. Then, I couldn’t but a sale. I would have liked to think that Dead Mouths would open a door for me, but it didn’t do this at all.

Sure, I still had dreams of Destination America dancing in my head, but just like the HBO and Netlfix tv show dreams, no fish were biting after the initial burst of my supernatural writing career.

And yes, the movie dreams even exist in the book Eureka in Flames:

In the meantime, the brothers went to Random House and inked an eight-figure deal for book and movie rights that was worth twice what their entertainment center was valued at. Since that time, they have had the book ghost-written for them. It will be released when the insurance decision is finalized. The movie is also ready to go, and it is rumored that Chris Hemsworth will be playing Lee, while Jennifer Lawrence will play Maggie after providing more chemistry with the lead than Taylor Swift. That said, Swift will be playing the role of Allison, a part she feels will take her career to the next level. Brad Pitt is set to play Tim, and Michael Pena will be playing Gilly. Djimon Hounsou will be playing the role of Marcus Powell. Jeffrey Dean Morgan will suit up for the role of Ralph Richards, and Ian McDiaramid will play the role of Kaldac. Drake will suit up as Steve Sanford, while random “top secret” members of the paranormal communities of America and England will be playing other roles. Of these, only Amy Allan’s name has been leaked to play Kristi Slovaki. The only actor that turned down a role at the movie was Topher Grace, who felt that he was being cast only to be viciously killed. The director, James Wan, neither confirmed this nor denied it. As a result of the press associated with the event and the stars, the world is impatiently waiting for the courts of Nevada to dismiss this case.  

But there were no great movie rights contracts or stacked copies of my books at Barnes and Nobles.

Then again, I never truly promoted it well, so yeah… there was that thing. Nevertheless, there were still more dreams of making it happen. Then something else came along that changed everything:

My Parkinson’s diagnosis on September 27th, 2016.

The world of supernatural fiction belonged to September 26th, but I did continue trying to write two different works. One of these is an as yet unfinished work entitled Spaceboy, which dealt with the issues of dreams and hallucinations that Parkinson’s people exhibit. Of course, I didn’t understand a lot of this at the time. Instead, I went on with a science fiction novel that stopped when I started writing about my Parkinson’s issues for my blog.

The other one of these was a book entitled The Rules of The Game. It was meant to be a 200-page novel, but it went well over 600 pages. It was finally published on March 5th, 2018. I kept wanting for it to be done earlier, but so many other things got in the way. Additionally, there was that whole motivation factor, but in the end, its final version was better than I ever imagined it would be.

Right now, there are 300 pages of writing waiting to be turned into Intersections, the next book in the series. I look forward to making them a reality. However, there is a story to be told first, and that is this one that you are reading about how I learned to function as me, a lesson I learned on September 28th, 2016, when I set out to defeat real life monsters.

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