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Think / Able - and Check out My Parkinson's Facebook Page
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Big 100... 10 Under-appreciated and Simple Pleasures of Life

Thank you for reading the last 99 posts on my blog. In honor of 100, I thought I would list 10 of my favorite simple pleasures of life. These may include aspects of my favorite things, but they won't include the normal things that we would go to.

For instance, of course, our spouses and significant others are usually our favorite things (as are vacations and the like). That's obvious. Family is in there, too. For me, I am a music aficionado, writer, reader / knowledge accumulator, photographer, traveler, hiker, baseball fan, and supernatural enthusiast, so listing things like my favorite historical baseball players as a Top-10 is off the list (though I will give a shout out to Nick Hornby's High Fidelity for its love of Top-10 lists - and yes, I prefer the book to the movie).

1. After a long travel day / hiking day, getting a shower is a marvelous thing.

2. Getting a haircut after my hair has grown so long (!) that I feel like a hippie. When I was young and in the Air Force, I wanted longer hair. Now, I want my wife to let up on her no "Bruce Willis" edict.

3. Holding a book that I wrote in my hands for the first time. Other people have held my new book!! (this is my cousin David), but I haven't. T-minus about 1-2 weeks!

4. The planning stages of creativity are amazing. All of the free writes and rough drafts are great, but typing that first word to putting creativity in motion.... priceless. For that, I'm over 40 pages into the new book already.

5. Learning something new every day / Helping others learn something new every day!

6. Making mix CDs. It was more fun to make mix tapes because it was an all-day act of love, but arranging music to enjoy later... awesome!

7. Looking at old pictures / assembling photos into collages and thinking about the memories of those moments! This picture was after my first plane ride to NYC. My aunt Toot worked there, and her company hooked us up with a limo!

8. Looking at pictures that other people took and thinking about how, someday, I'll go there (why my wife and I get along so well!)!!

9. Living vicariously through the happiness of others! Be it Dylan and his snakes, Amanda getting birthday presents, or the images of Lydia in photos we see of her, how can I not be happy seeing how happy others are?

10. Not letting my Parkinson's get the best of me! We all have down days. We notice our abilities slipping. We fear the future. However, when we don't let that get to us and we do what we can anyway... ROCK ON!! Choose to live life tougher than our antagonist.

Thanks for 100 acts of support through 100 posts! Here's to 100 more! Keep being great!

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