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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Rest in Peace, Marie Setley...

As we get older, we see our lives change as we lose some of the people who meant the most to us. Some are families, and others are friends. Additional people in the form of co-workers and other people who we knew from our day to day life vanish as well. Other times, we lose the people who were such good friends to our family that they become close to us.

No matter who we lose, it hurts and it leaves an empty space.

Unfortunately, in going on without them, all that we have left is memories of who we once were, but if we play the game right when it comes to those reflections, we get to think about what those stories are and live happily knowing that these people were and are always a part of our lives.

One of these people, Marie Setley, passed on Thursday. She is pictured to the left of my dad. Her husband Dave, pictured to the right of my dad, told me the sad news on Saturday.

Unfortunately, she lost her battle to cancer when it boomeranged back at her after seeming to loosen its grip. To this, co-workers were shocked when they reflected on talking to her recently, and then... well, this happened.

Marie is pictured here at my wedding reception in 2009. Since that time, I have known her as a co-worker and friend for the last decade. Additionally, my parents went to their Maine vacation resort several times and spent friendly time with her and her husband.

To get the phone call of what happened was a humbling honor. To lose her is a sadness.

However, in listening to all of the happy and kind words about her, I am at least glad that she made her life count to so many people.

Remember, we never know when King Kong and Godzilla are going to rampage in our towns or in our bodies. Life is short. In fact, it's too short sometimes. That means people need to take action immediately.

The answer is simple (whatever way you're living now): Live your life so that people remember your awesomeness when the time comes to say "toodle loo!"

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