Think / Able - and Check out My Parkinson's Facebook Page

Think / Able - and Check out My Parkinson's Facebook Page
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Friday, November 17, 2017

To Jesse Jackson... Wishes of Strength and Hope after Your Diagnosis

Words for Jesse Jackson that I left on his Facebook page:

As you can see from my profile picture, I once met you at the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. You agreed to take a picture with me, and it was an honor to shake your hand for all the causes you stood up for. I, too, am a PD guy, so from one of us to another, I know that you will fight strongly against the effects of this diagnosis. There will be good days and bad days, but you have never been one to stop believing. I know you won't now, either. I wish you and your family well in your journey.

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  1. Hi Rev. Jesse Jackson! We have met several times during the course of my life in Chicago. Having pd myself, I know first hand how difficult the challenge can be. I wish you well and want you to know that there is an entire army of us here for you, and WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP!