Think / Able - and Check out My Parkinson's Facebook Page

Think / Able - and Check out My Parkinson's Facebook Page
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 - Happy days to one and all!

            As it is Thanksgiving, this is the time for being thankful. In the past, I wrote a huge list of things that I’m thankful for.
            You can view it here.
            This year, I’ve chosen to list 12 of them simply and wish you a beautiful, happy day with family, friends, and thoughts of a good life. No point reading a long article, when I can make it short and sweet. Parkinson's is not on the list because, well, I'm not thankful for it (though I do feel positive about what it's taught me about life). That said, I am thankful for all of you who read my stuff, help me, and help each other. Keep fighting your fight and choose to live life in the happiest way you can.

1.      My cognitive ability. All it takes is having medications mess with this to realize, yeah… this is a really important thing we often take for granted. This also includes my ability to bring out the cognitive ability of others. I still can't express enough gratefulness for my time working with Ashley (who also had a 2nd place on another essay, she just wrote). If not for her, I'd be thinking about what teaching isn't, instead of what it can be.

2.      My number one caregiver, my wife. Much love to you now and always.

3.      Having days like last Saturday, where my wife and I did the Philadelphia museums for the Terracotta Warriors (beyond fantastic), Rodin's 100th, art, history, culture, and togetherness. Best day out in a long time.

4.      People who push their limits and do great things for themselves and others (in 1 example of many, major props to my wife for dropping just under 52lbs on a very strict diet that keeps going). I also really appreciate the visions other people see of life, such as this picture by my friend, Rusty (Whipple Dam). I need to find a place for it on my wall.

5.      My entire family who support and are there for me. I haven't posted this picture, but this is of my cousin Ben, who met Debbie Gibson. As a lover of 80s music, this made him really happy.

6.      Living vicariously through youngens who smile and enjoy life. When I educate and advocate, it’s not to make life better for me. My path is where it is, at the very least. My hope is that these kids get a PD free life full of happiness, memories, and love. This is Lydia and Dylan... 2 of the 22!

7.      My editor MaryAnn, who just finished editing her 1,400th page of my writing. WOW! Much thanks! Here’s to me getting off my butt and finishing draft #3.

8.      My imagination and the free flow of written ideas in my head (and places that allow me to express them).

9.      Beautiful vistas and scenery to visit (this is French Creek with Neil and Pete).

10.  Friends who are there for me emotionally and for fun.

11.  The students who created my cover for my book (Tyler and Caleb).

12.  Having a dedicated and knowledgeable bilingual tutor (Justin) in the lab to work with me (there's another one when I'm not there). Trust me; it makes a difference for many students.

Here's a song that's filled with lots of energy and Icelandic joy (memories of that are a good thing, too!). Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla

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