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Think / Able - and Check out My Parkinson's Facebook Page
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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Parkinson's Month is Every Month around Here (AKA Longwood Gardens Tulips)

The month of April is officially known as Parkinson's Awareness Month. April 11th, this year, was officially World Parkinson's Day. Unlike for birthdays and Christmas, it would seem, we don't get presents for our day. If we do, mine are still waiting to be delivered on a 1980's style 6-8 weeks for delivery deal for the turn around in shipping and handling.

Nevertheless, we do get tulips as our official flower. More specifically, we get red tulips with a fringe of white, but since I have a month where nobody baked me a cake, much less gave me a gift card, I'm taking all colors for all of us who have Parkinson's or know someone that does.

That means that you win, too!

That said, it's not like I didn't get anything "extra" with PD. Comorbid conditions abound as Parkinson's is the gift that keeps giving. Since I've had it (symptoms 2011 - preliminary diagnosis September 27, 2016 - actual diagnosis November 1, 2016), I got way more than the standard tremors.

1) A whole lot of learning (25 of those things are HERE).
2) Hyperhidrosis
3) Lyme disease, though they just found that while looking for Parkinson's - it's the Great Imitator. This was my "biggest, bestest" free toaster for playing.
4) REM sleep behavior disorder
5) A 2-part battle with pneumonia HERE and HERE and concerns of aspiration pneumonia like swallow studies and shuffling off this mortal coil.
6) Bradykinesia concerns
7) Dystonia starting to take hold
8) Anxiety and mental overload concerns

And my family and friends got them, too! Bonanza!

So yeah... I've learned other things, too, but I'd rather not focus on that. I'd rather give you all tulips of empathy, support, and good vibes to brighten your day as you do mine when you read my writings or offer me support.

You're awesome!
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These photos are from Longwood Gardens, which is outside Philadelphia. I took them 2 weeks ago, when my wife and I went to visit, as we do regularly (we get the year passes). Enjoy them and remember that Parkinson's is more than 30 days a year. Never stop educating and advocating!

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