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Saturday, June 2, 2018

10 Happy / Feel Good Thoughts / Pursuits for the Beginning of June

Currently, I am in one of those states of time where a lot of things are happening / have to happen all at once. I have a lot of great blog ideas, but I'm writing them in shorter form for . I encourage you to read their great selection of writers as well as other favorite blogs that include



If I should be reading / promoting your blog, send me a link. I haven't had time to get around lately, but I will make time. I promise!

This is because I'm writing my Parkinson's book as well. I have a lot of stuff that I want to use for that, and I'd rather inflate their size to book length and share them later. Ideally, I need to get done in the next month so I can get quotes approved, the book edited, and the book printed so I can have a new book by the time a potential selling date comes around. I have a long time to go and short time to get there, as Waylon Jennings used to sing. Thus, I'm concentrating on that right now. It's going to be called Swimming with Lieutenant Dan (from Forrest Gump), and it will detail my Parkinson's struggles, my life before PD, confronting avalanches, educating / advocating, and how to make peace with loss. I'm really jazzed on it!

1. So what's out there rocking my Parkie world?" you may ask.

By day, I have been proctoring admissions tests for a community college. What does that mean to you other than I'm shifting my gainful employment around? It means that you're NEVER too old and it's NEVER too impossible to learn something new. This doesn't have to be about getting a class or a degree, but if you feel you can and you've got the support, then do.

2. Maybe learning is just figuring out what the flowers in your wife's garden are!

3. Maybe it's sitting back and listening to a really great writer read the works of another author! I recommend listening to the Galway Kinnell version of Walt Whitman's "As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of Life."

4. I've been so busy lately that I haven't even had time to update my photo album with California photos, so I'll give you some to choose from, and you can tell me what part of California that you want to unwind from your day to day concerns at! Here's the neat thing. All 5 places are worthy of winning, so you can't go wrong. Enjoy! And by the way, remember your bucket list can be filled as soon as you compile it and get to work on it! It's your life, and it's your world. Live it out to the maximum! Don't let Parkinson's win!!

The first 3 are the Big Sur coast... those are elephant seals!

The next 3 are Hearst Castle (sans all the statues in need of undies).

The next 3 are Lake Tahoe!

The next 3 are the Muir Woods. The canopy is so thick that it's kind of dark in there.

Then we have Yosemite. How can you go wrong with waterfalls?!

5. If you can't marvel at California's redwoods, look up in your own backyard!

6. Why not get artsy / craftsy? For instance, my wife likes doing stained glass. I don't have that talent, but I celebrate that of other people! This table top is now getting moved to a new home as my wife sold her wares to a friend!

7. Why not redecorate the house with memories and art work?!!

8. Maybe you can watch your favorite movie or a new television show. In my down time in front of the computer, I'm currently watching Bull Durham (life advice, baseball, literature, and humor - how can you go wrong?!!)

If you prefer funny gal-centric stuff, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back on Netflix. 

9. Play your favorite music and feel good!

John Lennon / George Harrison (mashup) - Sick to Death

Yo La Tengo - Cherry Chapstick

Ozzy Osbourne - Over the Mountain (live)

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

Or just the songs that get stuck in your head!

10. And keep in mind, if you need to be entertained in air conditioning, the library has plenty of books, CDs, DVDs, and goodies to keep you occupied! Really.

BONUS - This year, the Phillies are really hot. Nobody expected this, but it's weird to hear my parents religiously following them and watching more baseball because of it. Having something like that to get behind goes a long way to happiness. I've never been a Phillies fan, but I'm definitely feeling the command on Aaron Nola's pitching game!

Thanks for reading!

Have a great 1!

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