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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

            Halloween is a great time of year. Kids get to dress up (as do adults who want to be the Scream villain, the V for Vendetta guy, superheroes, or a sexy nurse). They get to beg for candy that will rot their teeth, which is completely different than it was when we were kids (because back then it was a rite of passage, and the candy NEVER caused cavities). People of all ages get to go to spooky seasonal places, and yeah, it’s a fun time, no matter how scary you like it (I'm a PG13 guy - I don't like rooting for villain slashers).
            In the past and present, we’ve done the pumpkin carving thing.

             In the past, we did Salem for Halloween (best year ever, if only because of the town’s vibe and the costumes).

            In the past, we did big pumpkins.

            In the past, we did different ghost acting venues where we were able to shoot zombies, see Pennhurst commercialized (a tragic place where the state / families institutionalized people with serious mental health issues – the workers often abused these people), and go to the seasonal stuff at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. We also saw ghost talks by authors.

            This year, we did Rise of the Jack O Lanterns on Long Island. Other than Salem, this was the best Halloween ever! So much skill and talent to go with the imagination... fantastic stuff!! For us, it was a 4-hour drive, but it was worth it. Rather than review it, I'll let you see my pictures and let you know that it was awesome!!

            All of our photos are HERE.

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