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Friday, May 19, 2017

300 Song Rock Soundtrack!

And so as my summer waits and spring term ends, me time begins officially. I'm slowly catching up on things while roasting away. I finally finished my 250 song playlist of loud music to write action / adventure / supernatural / archaeology songs. Here it is... Hope that the past 50 plus years of loud music (class rock, metal, thrash metal, indie rock, some hip hop, some country, punk rock, industrial, and various radio rock) can inspire you, too!!

1.        “The Act We Act” by Sugar
2.        “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes”
3.        “Boeing 737” by Low Anthem
4.        “Our Trip” by The Thermals
5.        “Every Stitch” by The Thermals
6.         “I’m Shipping up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys
7.        “She’s Long Gone” by Black Keys
8.        “Civil War” by Guns N’ Roses
9.        “Frankenstein” by Edgar Winter Group
10.    “Doctor Doctor” by UFO
11.    “Lust for Life” by Iggy Pop
12.     “This is a Call” by Foo Fighters
13.    “Dysentery Gary” by Blink 182
14.    “Melt Show” by Old 97s
15.     “Gear Jammer” by George Thorogood
16.    “Gimme Three Steps” by Lynyrd Skynyrd
17.    “Sunshine of Your Love by Cream
18.    “Run Through the Jungle” by Creedence Clearwater Revival
19.    “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix
20.    “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath
21.    “Your Love is a Fine Thing” by Reigning Sound
22.    “Too Fast for Love” by Motley Crue
23.    “Look What the Cat Dragged in” by Poison
24.    “Cowboy” by Kid Rock
25.    “Why Why Why” by Nashville Pussy
26.    “Space Lord” by Monster Magnet
27.    “Fiend” by Coal Chamber
28.    “The Wait” by Metallica
29.    “Under a Serpent Sun” by At the Gates
30.    “A Devil in God’s Country” by Lamb of God
31.    “Jewel Throne” by Celtic Frost
32.    “Skincarver” by Danzig
33.    “Rusty Cage” by Sound Garden
34.    “Mountain Song” by Jane’s Addiction
35.    “Luhrstaap” by New Model Army
36.    “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” by Led Zeppelin
37.    “Woke up This Morning” by Alabama 3
38.    “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne
39.    “Highway to Hell” by ACDC
40.    “If You’re Gonna Be Dumb” by Smut Peddlers
41.    “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine
42.    “Amphetamine” by Everclear
43.    “Heartspark Dollar Sign” by Everclear
44.    “The Descent” by Bob Mould
45.    “Eifel Tower High” by Husker Du
46.    “Blowing It” by Dinosaur Jr.
47.    “I Live for that Look” by Dinosaur Jr.
48.    “Everything Flows” By Teenage Fanclub
49.    “Revolution Blues” by Neil Young
50.    “Computer Age” by Sonic Youth
51.    “Darkness Before Dawn” by Killing Joke
52.    “Hallowed Be Thy Name” by Iron Maiden
53.     “Waiting Room” by Fugazi
54.    “Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies
55.    “Golden Shower of Hits” by The Circle Jerks
56.    “Get the Time” by The Descendants
57.    “Put Your Clothes Back On” by The Undead
58.    “Through My Fingers” by Pegboy
59.    “My Youth” by Pegboy
60.    “Time Has Come Today” by Angry Samoans
61.    “Wasted Days” by Cloud Nothings
62.    “One of These Days” by Drive By Truckers
63.    “Killer Parties” by The Hold Steady
64.    “Kelly Kapowski” by Moose Blood
65.    “The Strongest Man in the World” by Death Ray Davies
66.    “Out There” by Dinosaur Jr.
67.     “The Freed Pig” by Sebadoh
68.     “Natural One” by Folk Implosion
69.    “Dog End of a Day Gone By” by Love and Rockets
70.     “Neighborhood 1” by Arcade Fire
71.     “Neighborhood 2” by Arcade Fire
72.     “Hurricane J” by The Hold Steady
73.     “Nature Boy” by Nick Cave
74.    “Be Yourself” by Audioslave
75.    “The Day I Tried to Live” by Soundgarden
76.    “Touch Me I’m Sick” by Mudhoney
77.    “Negative Creep” by Nirvana
78.    “Psychic Hearts” by Thurston Moore
79.     “Brassneck” by The Wedding Present
80.     “Skinburns” by Magnapop
81.     “Her Jazz” by Huggy Bear
82.     “You’re Pretty Good Looking for a Girl” by The White Stripes
83.     “Across the Sea” by Weezer
84.    “Cleveland Rocks” by Presidents of the USA
85.    “Only Want You” by Eagles of Death Metal
86.    “Metal Health” by Quiet Riot
87.    “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by The Scorpions
88.    “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” by Judas Priest
89.    “Calling Dr. Love” by Kiss
90.    “Boys Are Gonna Rock” by Vinnie Vincent Invasion
91.    “Batman” by Voivod
92.    “I’m Broken” by Pantera
93.    “Stinkfist” by Tool
94.     “Judith” by A Perfect Circle
95.     “Empire” by Queensryche
96.     “I Alone” by Live
97.     “Shine” by Collective Soul
98.     “I Want Out” by Helloween
99.     “I Wanna Be Somebody” by WASP
100.                     “Live Wire” by Motley Crue
101.                     “Goddamn” by Hell Yeah
102.                     “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue
103.                     “Lit Up” by Buckcherry
104.                     “Shine” by The Rollins Band
105.                    “Generational Spokesmodel” by Mudhoney
106.                    “TV Eye” by The Stooges
107.                    “Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” by Nirvana
108.                    “Into Your Shtik” by Mudhoney
109.                     “Anyone Can Play Guitar” by Radiohead
110.                    “The Mary Martin Show” by The New Pornographers
111.                    “Times Like These” by The Foo Fighters
112.                     “Kill the Sexplayer” by Girls vs. Boys
113.                     “Then Comes Dudley” by The Jesus Lizard
114.                    “Elephant Man” by Mastodon
115.                    “Have Love Will Travel” by The Sonics
116.                    “I’m a Roadrunner” by Jr Walker
117.                    “Roadrunner” by Modern Lovers
118.                    “20th Century Boy” by TRex
119.                    “Radar Love” by Golden Earring
120.                     “Twilight Zone” by Golden Earring
121.                    “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger
122.                    “Terrible Love” by The National
123.                    “The Passenger” by Iggy Pop
124.                     “Under the God” by Tin Machine
125.                    “Jesus Lived Six Years Longer than Kurt Cobain” by Bollock Brothers
126.                     “Working Class Hero” by Green Day
127.                     “The Ghost of Tom Joad” by Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello
128.                     “Rockin in the Free World” by Neil Young
129.                     “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix
130.                     “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by ACDC
131.                     “We All Fall Down” by Egg Hunt
132.                    “Blackness that Could be Blue” by Electric Love Muffin
133.                     “Little White God” by Leatherface
134.                     “Animal Wild” by Shudder to Think
135.                    “Acquiesce” by Oasis
136.                    “Going out West” by The Blacks
137.                     “Civillian” by Wye Oak
138.                     “Go” by Pearl Jam
139.                     “Eric’s Trip” by Sonic Youth
140.                    “Search and Destroy” by The Stooges
141.                    “3rd Planet” by Modest Mouse
142.                    “Vindicated” by Dashboard Confessional
143.                     “King Apathy 3rd” by The Barracudas
144.                     “Agatha” by Pond
145.                     “Alice Said” by Screaming Trees
146.                     “What Did You Call it that For” by Arc Welder
147.                     “Sex Type Thing” by Stone Temple Pilots
148.                     “Go Your Own Way” by Seaweed
149.                     “Low” by Jawbox
150.                     “Bastards of Young” by The Replacements
151.                     “Wear Me out Loud” by The I Don’t Cares
152.                     “Everything at Once” by Superchunk
153.                     “Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World” by The Ramones
154.                    “Scottie Doesn’t Know” by Lustra
155.                     “Evil” by Interpol
156.                     “Kill Surf City” by Jesus and Mary Chain
157.                     “Let the Day Begin” by Samhain
158.                     “I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister
159.                     “Master of Puppets” by Metallica
160.                     “The 59 Sound” by Gaslight Anthem
161.                     “Theme from Cheers” by Titus Andronicus
162.                     “Life in Drag” by Hotelier
163.                     “Jinx” by Tad
164.                     “Superfuck” by Seachange
165.                     “Boom” by POD
166.                     “Take the Power Back” by Rage Against the Machine
167.                    “Kick out the Jams (Original Version)” by MC5
168.                    Peace Sells” by Megadeth
169.                     “Dust Devil” by The Butthole Surfers
170.                     “The Blister Exists” by Slipknot
171.                     “Bullet (version)” by The Misfits
172.                    “Death Comes Ripping” by The Misfits
173.                     “Raining Blood” by Slayer
174.                     “Let’s Lynch the Landlord” by Dead Kennedys
175.                    “Bodies” by The Sex Pistols
176.                    “Little Sisters (live)” by Pigface
177.                     “Tragedy for You” by Front 242
178.                     “Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal” by Silverfish
179.                     “Attitude” by Sepultura
180.                     “Bodies” by Drowning Pool
181.                     “Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed
182.                     “Soulcraft” by Bad Brains
183.                     “Yankees Suck” by Bender X
184.                     “Ringo Buys a Rifle” by The Dead Milkmen
185.                     “Master Blaster” by Front 242
186.                     “JC Auto” by Sugar
187.                     “Today’s Lesson” by Nick Cave
188.                     “Degausser” by Brand New
189.                     “Twin Size Mattress” by The Front Bottoms
190.                     “Your Graduation” by Modern Baseball
191.                     “A Modern Way of Letting Go” by Idlewild
192.                    “The Modern World” by Wolf Parade
193.                     “No One Else” by Piebald
194.                     “Alec Eifel” by Get Up Kids
195.                     “Radiation Vibe” by Fountains of Wayne
196.                    “I Just Want to Get Along” by The Breeders
197.                     “Happiness Is All the Rage” by Promise Ring
198.                     “I’ve Been Bored” by Superheaven
199.                     “Hanging Around” by Basement
200.                     “Necropolis” by Julian Cope
201.                    “Mildred Pierce” by Sonic Youth
202.                     “Puss” by Jesus Lizard
203.                     “I’m So High” by Nashville Pussy
204.                     “Never-Ending Math Equation” by Modest Mouse
205.                     “We’re All in This Alone” by Mendoza Line
206.                     “Oh Sister” by Neutral Milk Hotel
207.                     “Where Is My Mind” by The Pixies
208.                    “New American Language” by Dan Bern
209.                     “The Funeral” by Band of Horses
210.                     “Barnacles (live)” by Ugly Casanova
211.                     “Reverie” by The Cranes
212.                     “Atlantic” by Rainer Marie
213.                     “Eye of Fatima 1” by Camper Van Beethoven
214.                     “Get off This” by Cracker
215.                     “Outdoor Type” by Smudge
216.                     “Favorite T (live in session)” by The Lemonheads
217.                     “Holland 1945” by Neutral Milk Hotel
218.                     “Love Athena” by Olivia Tremor Control
219.                     “Limehouse” by the Breeders
220.                     “Handsome and Gretel (Indie Top 20 version)” by Babes in Toyland
221.                     “Starbellied Boy” by Bikini Kill
222.                     “Shitlist” by L7
223.                     “Here it Comes” by Magnapop
224.                     “Infinity Guitars” by Sleigh Bells
225.                     “My Umbrella” by Tripping Daisy
226.                     “Theologians” by Wilco
227.                     “Lithium” by Polyphonic Spree
228.                     “Come as You Are” by Nirvana
229.                     “Gone Away” by The Offspring
230.                     “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead
231.                     “Sympathy for the Devil (Who Killed the Kennedys)” by Laibach
232.                     “A Daisy Chain for Satan” by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
233.                     “Edge of No Control” by Meat Beat Manifesto
234.                    “Godlike” by KMFDM
235.                     “Uberman” by Sheep on Drugs
236.                     “So What (live)” by Ministry
237.                     “Tin Omen” by Skinny Puppy
238.                    “Supernaut” by 1,000 Homo DJs
239.                     “I Will Refuse” by Pailhead
240.                     “In the Neck” by Revolting Cocks
241.                     “No Name No Slogan” by Acid Horse
242.                     “Rubber Glove Seducation” by PTP
243.                     “Coliseum Crash”  by A Split Second
244.                     “Rambler Song” by Shellac
245.                     “Up on the Sun” by Meat Puppets
246.                     “Goshen 97” by Strand of Oaks
247.                     “Hellbelly” by Therapy
248.                     “No Lucifer” by British Sea Power
249.                     “Hate to Say I Told You So” by The Hives
250.                     “Get Free” by The Vines
251.                    “Run Rabbit Run” by Eminem
252.                     “Lose Yourself” by Eminem
253.                     “California Uber Alles” by Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
254.                     “Black Steel (Been Caught Steelin’ Mix)” by Tricky
255.                    “Forget About Dre” By Dre and Eminem
256.                    “One Mic” by Nas
257.                    “Bring tha Noise” by Public Enemy and Anthrax
258.                     “Justify My Thug” by Jay Z
259.                    “Nowhere to Wait” by Wugazi
260.                     “Dead Industrial Atmosphere” by Leatherface
261.                     “Here Comes Sickness” by Mudhoney
262.                     “Wire Mother” by Alice Donut
263.                     “Teresa Give Me That Knife” by Nomeansno
264.                     “Columbian Necktie” by Big Black
265.                     “Forever Time”  by Black Flag
266.                     “Full Metal Jackoff” by Jello Biafra and DOA
267.                     “Fireball” by Tumor Circus
268.                     “Arizona Garbage Truck” by Steel Pole Bathtub
269.                     “I Felt Like a Gringo” by The Minutemen
270.                     “The Streets Fell into My Windows” by Red Paintings
271.                     “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Marilyn Manson
272.                     “Little Whip” by Danzig
273.                     “Big Sky” by Probot
274.                     “Pyramid God” by Septic Flesh
275.                     “The Bell Witch” by Mercyful Fate
276.                     “Lake of Fire (live)” by The Meat Puppets
277.                     “Rollerskate Skinny” by Old 97s
278.                    “Wanted Man” by Johnny Cash
279.                     “The House that Heaven Built” by Japandroids
280.                     “Just Another Face” by Modern Baseball
281.                     “Bored to Death” by Blink 182
282.                     “Roam the Room” by Citizen
283.                     “High as a Kite” by Kingmaker
284.                     “Something to Believe in (Single Version)” by The Ramones
285.                     “Jump into the Fire” by Low Cut Connie
286.                     “Blank Generation” by Richard Hell and the Voidoids
287.                     “I’m Alive” by Circles Jerks
288.                    “No Regrets” by King Khan and the Shrines
289.                     “Gas Chamber”  by Angry Samoans
290.                    “Police Truck” by Dead Kennedys
291.                     “Under Your Influence” by Dag Nasty
292.                     “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones
293.                     “Helter Skelter” by The Beatles
294.                     “Zip City” by Drive by Truckers
295.                     “Soul Kitchen” by The Doors
296.                     “I Am the Ocean” by Neil Young and Pearl Jam
297.                     “Rock and Roll Singer” by ACDC
298.                    “On With the Show” by Motley Crue
299.                     “Wasted Years” by Iron Maiden

300.                     “Last Time Around” by Del-Vettes

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